Ahn Bo-Hyun drives Park Ji-Hyun up the wall as a rich playboy detective in Disney+ 2024 Kdrama ‘Flex X Cop’

Used to getting anything he wants, how would an immature son of a conglomerate owner navigate working as part of the police’s Violent Crimes Unit? In Disney+ 2024 Kdrama Flex X Cop‘, Ahn Bo-Hyun (Yumi’s Cells, Itaewon Class) stars as the flippant rich man’s son and Park Ji-Hyun (Reborn Rich, Do You Like Brahms?) as the Violent Crimes Unit team leader.

The naive heir of Hansu Group, Jin I-Soo (Ahn Bo-Hyun), gets caught fighting while trying to help his friend. He is mistakenly arrested by veteran detective Lee Gang-Hyun (Park Ji-Hyun) who was coincidentally nearby and ends up being persuaded to join the Gangha Police Station’s Violent Crimes Unit to cover up the blunder.

I-Soo is assigned to Gang-Hyun’s team and the two butt heads as they are forced to tolerate each other while doing their jobs. Regarding I-Soo as a thorn in the flesh, Gang-Hyun reluctantly brings him around as they solve cases and the team tries to exclude him unsuccessfully. The heir uses his wealth and connections to achieve goals quicker than the team is able to, for example; we see that I-Soo has access to exclusive places that are difficult for the police to enter. Initially just there for a good time, I-Soo starts to feel the weight of his new responsibility and starts to put in effort as the cases progress.

Not everything is as it seems as while I-Soo may look like the typical rich playboy with a fixation with flaunting on social media, he hides a pitiable side of him from the public eye. We see that he has mental scars from the accident that killed his mother when he was young and has a strained relationship with his father.

Gang-Hyun on the other hand, seems to have an enviable relationship with her parents. She winds down after a long day at work by having a drink over a warm meal with her dad, while ranting about how terrible her new colleague, I-Soo is.

Viewers can look forward to entertaining teamwork between Ahn Bo-Hyun and Park Ji-Hyun as their characters work to solve cases together in ‘Flex X Cop‘.

Check out the crime-thriller, ‘Flex X Cop‘, available for streaming on Disney+!

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