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Call It Love Disney+

Have you ever been hurt so badly that you spent days plotting your revenge, only to end up letting it slide because it just wasn’t worth it? In Call It Love, the story’s protagonist repeatedly finds herself in this exact situation. Exuding an air of confidence and giving off an impression of having impenetrably thick skin, Woojoo is actually a softhearted soul incapable of hurting anyone, no matter how many challenges life throws her way.

Following her parents’ divorce, Woojoo is forced to head up the household, caring for her sick mother while also supporting her sister as she applies for work, and her brother as he studies to pass the civil servants exam. With no free time left to pursue her dream of a college education, Woojoo finds solace in the fact she is responsible for holding her family together.

However, just as Woojoo comes to terms with her new role in life, fate once again plays a cruel hand, resulting in Woojoo’s father’s death, and his mistress kicking Woojoo and her family out of their house. Feeling hopeless and empty inside, Woojoo is driven to exact revenge when she sees the mistress’s son enjoying the benefits of her childhood home. Angry at the cruelty of life, Woojoo will have to overcome her inner kindness if she has any hope of making the mistress’s son pay. While she plans her revenge, Woojoo has no clue that she will fall in love with Dongjin, the son of the woman who ruined her life.

Call It Love Press Conference

The cast of Call It Love (Kim Youngkwang, Lee Sungkyung, Sung Jun, Ahn Heeyeon and Kim Yewon) attended a press conference on 21 Feb 2023 to share about how they developed their character for this drama and Director Lee Kwangyoung hoped that viewers all over the world will enjoy it.

Kim Youngkwang feels that Dongjin is a lonely guy with a hurtful scar that was hidden inside of him for a long time and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Lee Sungykung says that Woojoo is not the type of girl that would take revenge but just wants to protect things that are dear to her. In the drama, someone took something dear to her away, hence she is scarred. She has a heart of gold and does not take an eye for an eye but has to do that in order to protect things that are important to her.

Call It Love Cast
Call It Love Cast
Call It Love Cast

To Sung Jun, Yoon Joon is a very responsible person who craves love from family and is very dear to Woojoo. He feels a sense of responsibility towards Woojoo and is almost like a legal guardian to her. Joon feels like he has to go all out to protect Woojoo.

Minyoung, the ex-girlfriend of Dongjin, can’t let go of Dongjin. Ahn Heeyeon says that she would want to hide the story of her character a bit. But she mentioned that of all the introverts she knows, Minyoung is an extreme Introvert.

Call It Love Casts
Q: When Sung Joon was working with Lee Sungkyung, what were you focusing on to portray the character? And similarly for Ahn Heeyeon when you were acting with Kim Youngkwang.
SJ: When I’m acting, I will make sure that I try to be myself. I’ll make the conscious effort to remind myself that the emotions on set could be very deep and would weigh down on me. I didn’t want to be too serious so I’ll try to stay grounded and make sure that scenes are not weighing down on myself too much.

HY: Minyoung was a challenging character for me. She’s a totally different character from myself. When I wake up, I would think “oh it’s a nice morning” but when I think of Minyoung, I will become sad so as to get into the character of Minyoung. I’m also thankful that Youngkwang had to run away from everyone to stay in character as I had to do the same too.

They say that you can learn alot from a person just from looking at his back. If that person is lonely or what kind of emotions he’s feeling. Looking at Youngkwang’s back when he’s acting as Dongjin, I have all sorts of emotions coming up and I’m thankful that Yongkwang has that kind of back.
Q: How was it like for Kim Yewon when you had to act with the other casts?
YW: I’ve acted many characters before but this time it felt like Woojoo and Joon were actual people in real life that you would meet on the streets. Both actors were really immersed in their character. Usually they are very energetic in real life and they make filming very enjoyable.
Q: To the 2 main leads. This drama has many heavyweight emotions and it tugs at the heart because of the emotions. What were the tactics or know-how to carry that emotional mood throughout the drama?
YK: I try to block all sorts of conversation in my daily life. I want to portray Dongjn’s hurt. So I will think about when all the heartache began. Then I will stop relating to people and start blocking them out of my life. By thinking that helps me get into character.

SK: I’ve talked to YK before, about how it’s strange that we both are unable to get good sleep since we started this drama. All these heavy emotions, I’m not sure how to get through them.
Q: So how did you managed to switch character easily when you were just laughing before the camera roll?
SK: When I’m sad inside, I don’t express it to everyone. Sometimes we go on with life while hiding our emotions. I feel that this is Woojoo. She’s acting all bubbly on the outside, but still carries on those heavy emotions.

Be sure to catch Call It Love on Disney + from 22 February 2023 onwards!

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