Discover Pixy and their new song “Call Me” : the perfect group for some Christmas magic

Discover Pixy, the 6-members Korean girl group who debuted in February with Wings. The just released “Call Me”, a song that’s like a christmas present to their fans, and answered KAvenyou’s questions. So get to know them better through our short interview below !


KAvenyou : First of all you, Could You introduce yourselves?

Pixy : With my wings! Hello we are PIxy!

I am the shining moon, Ella !
I am the 2m Lola!
I am the sparking star Saetbyul !
I am the charismatic main dancer Dia!
I am the  Pixy’s flower Sua!
I am Pixy’s lively ‘maknae’ , Dajeong ! 

K : Your concept is based on the co-existence of good and evil and you’re said to alternate between both. Which member fits which side the most?

P : Ella, Saetbyl, Sua, Dajeong – We think we are more fitting with the good.
Ella, Dia – We think we are more fitting with the evil

K : Pixies normally have pixy dust that gives them super-powers. Which power do you wish you had?

P : Ella – I want teleportation where I can go anywhere!
Lola – I would also like teleportation
Saetbyul – I’d lie a power where I can make the world peaceful and happy
Dia – I’d like to have powers where I can control people’s heart and mind
Sua – I want to teleport and travel around the world !
Dajeong – I also would like teleportation where I can go anywhere when I want

K : Your latest mini-album is entitled “Temptation”. What temptation are you the most likely to give in?

P : Ella – I don’t think I am the type to get tempted that much !
Lola – When I go shopping, it feels like I am gettin tempted
Saetbyul – phone!!! I try to stop using my phone so much but it always tempts me so I can’t stop
Dia – I feel like I am tempted by food … haha
Sua – I think I always give in to what my mom says
Dajeong – I feel like Wingxy’s complimented lures me in

K : Temptation includes an english version of “Bewitched” and “Addicted”. What official international activities will you do?

P : We don’t have concrete plans yet, but if we get a chance to see our Winxys abroad, we will go straight for it !!

K : It also includes “Still with me”, a song dedicated to your fans, Winxies. How do you reach out to fans in the current Circumstances?

P : We had video fan signs and also used different social media platforms to communicate ! We really wish for a chance to actually meet our fans in person!

K : Where would you like to travel and perform ?

P : We want to go to all the countries for concerts. If there are Wingxys, are the locations that important? Haha

K : K-pop idols are known for their various activities ranging from modelling to acting and many other options. Is there anything you would like to try out ?

P : We have good chemistry as a group so I think a reality show program would be great !

K : Please tell us about ‘Call Me’.

P : Unlike our previous concepts this is quite a sweet and light concept. It’s like a Xmas present to our Wingxys.

K : What are your goals for the group ? Is there any achievement or specific milestone you would like to reach ?

P : We hope that more people listen to our music and our stories spread more. We will try our best to be hardworking Pixys for 2020 as well !

K : For the rest of the world, K-Pop is a gate to discover Korea. Can you each give your fans advice on which place to visit in Korea and which Korean food they should try ?

P : Seoul tower and Busan’s Gwangalli Beach are good tourist places to visit! Also, if you come to Korea, it would be good to try Korean food right? Kimchi soup is quite good heehee

Kavenyou would like to thank Pixy for answering our questions.
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