Discover more about Joseon Korea at Asian Civilisations Museum!

For the first time in Southeast Asia, ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum) will be bringing in Korean treasures that allow you to travel back to 500 years of Korea’s last dynasty, the Joseon period (1392 – 1897)

Regardless if you are a K-fan who loves the Korean music, culture or always stay up late to catch up with your Korean drama, you can definitely discover the origins of what you know and love about Korea through Joseon Korea – Court Treasures and City Life exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum!

ACM Director Kennie Ting said, “Fans of K-culture will not find this showcase unfamiliar, as many of the stories and treasures that we are showing in this exhibition have inspired Korea’s popular culture – from period drama series to contemporary arts and aesthetics, and even fashion. Much of what is regarded as traditionally Korean today had been developments and innovations during the Joseon period. In the same thread, South Korean artist Ran Hwang’s art installation adds to the experience of the exhibition, with its contemporary interpretation of Korean traditions. The Joseon dynasty’s extraordinary legacy not only withstands the test of time by being relevant to this day, but also resonates with new audiences beyond geographical boundaries.”

The Joseon Korea exhibition consists of 6 sections,

  1. Introduction

It will be showing the transition between two dynasties, Goryeo Kingdom to Joseon Dynasty with key figures such as King Taejo.

  1. The life inside the royal palace

The royal authority and court culture, including the costumes, food, music, roles and expectations of the king and queen.

  1. The yangban

Elite and aristocratic class in Joseon.

  1. Nature in Korean Art

Showcases the importance of Nature to Joseon artists, such as traditional buncheong stoneware and ‘true-view’ landscape paintings

  1. Sacred art and religious traditions

Highlights the influence of Confucianism and Buddhism in Joseon ritual life

  1. Everyday life of the people

The genre paintings will depict the life of the people, including societal class and important occasions such as Lunar New Year and Chuseok.

Planning to go during the June holidays? ACM will be organising a string of activities just for you!

Seoul Awesome! Weekend Festival
Date: 17 June, Saturday 1pm – 9pm
18 June, Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Saranghaeyo, Korea! Join us as we bring you heart thumping music and dance performances, food tasting sessions of delicious Korean food, and participate in a mass Taekwondo session. Shake legs by the ACM Green with a movie marathon of your cute Kpop stars as accompaniment. Don’t forget to say annyeonghasaeyo to the new special exhibition, Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life, as you end off your day!

Fun-tastic Fridays
Date: 2, 9, 16, 23 June
Time: 12pm – 5pm

Journey back in time to Joseon Korea this school holiday. Dress up in traditional hanboks, attend workshops, and watch traditional cultural performances rarely seen in Singapore! Sit back and catch a special movie screening of what’s hot in Korea, and join us for a good time every Friday!

Come on down to Asian Civilisations Museum to discover more about Joseon Korea – Court treasures and City life. This exhibition will run from 22 April to 23 July!


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