[Singapore Coverage] Wanna One are Undivided

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[Singapore Coverage] Wanna One are Undivided

Popular Korean boy-group, Wanna One was in Singapore this weekend for their Wanna One World Tour – One: The World in Singapore!

Despite busy schedules, the 11 boys never stopped their overflowing energy throughout the concert. The boys expressed excitement being back in Singapore and being able to meet with Singapore Wannables again!

Wanna One donned in white suits as they appeared very handsomely on the stage, kickstarting their concert with the songs, “Burn It Up”, “Never” and “Energetic”!

[Singapore Coverage] Wanna One are Undivided

The boys also took the opportunity to greet the fans, expressing thanks and support for however long they have been a group.

Guan Lin: “Hello Everyone, I am Guan Lin, nice to meet you~”

Daniel: “Are you guys ready to enjoy the show tonight? Thank you!”

They also showcased their powerful vocals with a few ballad songs including “Beautiful”, “Our Name” and “I Wanna Have”.

Kang Daniel also teased the fans with his abs (shirt was not buttoned up!) as he dances along to a slow song!

Singapore Wannables also get to watch the sub-units singing live with their songs such as “Hourglass” by Daehwi and Seongwoo, “Kangaroo” by Daniel, Jaehwan and Woojin, “11” by Jihoon, Jinyoung and Guanlin

All 11 boys took to the stage again with fun and loving songs such as “Twilight”, “Wanna Be (My baby) and “Pick Me”! The boys also did encore songs with their newly released title “Light”, “Gold” and “I.P.U”.

[Singapore Coverage] Wanna One are Undivided

Wanna One promised the fans that that they will come back to Singapore again!

Minhyun: It’s been so long since we came here for our fan meet, thanks to you guys, we are very happy to come back here!

Jisung: Thank you so much for being so organized and nice to us today. Also, thank you for your passionate support and cheering us on!

Daniel: I am very, very happy because I spent such a great night with you. It’s so nice to see our fans’ faces again, the cheers and voices from the fans are really very beautiful. Thank you so much!

Sungwoo: Singapore fans are really incredible! My ears feel a little numb because of the cheers and screams from you. I love you so much!

Guanlin: (speaking in Mandarin!!) It’s really nice because we are able to experience Singapore’s culture while we are here for our concert. We will definitely see you again!

Wanna One members definitely proved what they had through the concert, showcasing the different sides of them, through sub-units and cutesy concepts. As much as we hate to see them disband at the end of this year, we definitely had lots of fun witnessing the boys grow from trainees in “Produce 101”, to handsome and chic men!

[Singapore Coverage] Wanna One are Undivided

KAvenyou would like to thank One Production for the invite to Wanna One World Tour: One The World in Singapore!

Photography by: Organiser
Article by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou

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