[COVERAGE] Unstoppable Trio: Bii, Dino Lee and Ian Chen pointed out the characteristics of their fans and shared more on their high school times

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Singapore – It’s not every day you get 3 handsome men in the same room, but for lucky us that we met the rising stars of Mandopop; Bii, Ian Chen and Dino Lee at their ‘Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times’ promotional tour press conference.

The boys arrived earlier that day among the huge crowd of fans waiting at the airport. Despite their long flight and busy schedules, they were on high spirits to finally meet their Singaporean fans. This is Ian and Dino’s first time travelling to Singapore for work promotions while it’s Bii’s second time on the sunny island.

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The boys who are excelling in their own careers in both singing and acting were easy-going and were more than happy to share how they have been busy recently. While Ian and Dino last act this year was the widely loved and popular Taiwanese Movie Our Times (我的少女时代), Bii is currently acting as the 2nd male lead in Bromance (爱上哥们), a Taiwanese romance comedy that is gaining popularity by the day. While they are not in an official group, the chemistry between the boys were hard to miss as they shared thoughts on each other fans, career choices, school memories and future plans.

Bii shared how different their fans were; Dino’s fans are mostly younger and more energetic, while Ian’s fans were cooler and lastly shared how his fans are normally more reserved and quiet like himself. Ian added that he feels happy that their individual fans normally likes and supports all 3 of them together.

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“We are busy with our own solo careers, but it’s always nice to gather together and spend time with each other during work trips like this trip to Singapore” Ian quipped.

Dino then remarked how Bii take cares of him and Ian like a great senior; giving them advice and setting a good role model for them to learn and progress. Bii returned the compliment sharing how the two juniors, who acted before him, also gave him advice for his current role in Bromance.

When asked about their personality back in high school as compared to their roles in the movie ‘Our Times’, Dino joked that he was exactly like the student in the movie, very studious and quiet, which ignited dubious looks from the two seniors, cracking up the whole room. Ian then openly admitted that he was a little more rebellious during school days because he did not know what he liked or wanted to do until he found his passion for music.

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Being the son of famous singer, Lee, Dino is often questioned about how he feels to be tagged as “Lee’s son”, his answer to that was simple “When I first debuted, I felt a bit pressurised but after a while, I decided I have to work harder to remove that tag through my works and music, to show people my real abilities.”

The trio lastly shared how they already fell in love with Singapore despite being here only for a few hours and is looking forward to their remaining 3 days to meet their Singaporean fans. Bii, Ian and Dino had their showcase at Shanghai Dolly at 5:30pm on Saturday, 5th Dec and their autograph session at 4pm on Sunday, Dec 6 at Eastpoint Mall, Main Atrium.

Thank you Universal Music Singapore Regional for the media invite to the 3-day event.

Photography and article by Qinyi @ KAvenyou.com

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