[COVERAGE] Captain Cool Julian Cheung isn't as skilled on hitting on ladies in real life?

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Chilam: “

In town to promote the movie, Triumph in the Skies, Julian Cheung (better known as Chilam) and Charmaine Sheh shared with the media in Singapore their filming experiences.

In the movie, Chilam would be retaining his role, Jayden (or Captain Cool). Having played this character in the second season of the drama two years ago, Chilam discussed if he would hence be more familiar with playing the role of a pilot. He said, “這次是愛情故事, 機艙裡面的戲比較少,所以也可以算是駕輕就熟!”

Since his appearance in Triumph in the Skies II, Jayden had always been a free spirit and had his way with women. Chilam revealed that in that aspect, he wasn’t like Jayden. In Chilam’s words, “我現實生活中沒有那麼會泡妞.,” From the laughter his statement brought about, the media didn’t seem too convinced.


With the romance taking centre stage, the three couples definitely shared many romantic moments in the movie. Letting the media in on the hard work and behind the scenes in filming these beautiful moments, Charmaine revealed that for a more romantic atmosphere, the swimming pool scene with Louis Koo was filmed with three lights in the water, and they were really afraid that there might be an electrical leak.

Chilam lamented that out of the three couples in the movie, his required the most physical strength. While the other couples could be making chocolates sweetly, he had to wear wigs, play soccer, and even had to act as Harry Potter. Chilam said that there was a greater element of being tired as opposed to fun.

He shared that during the scene where he had to act as Harry Potter, it was really tiring since he had to keep jumping. Charmaine teasingly quipped, “At least you can still jump!” Chilam also revealed that he had passed the chance to watch the EPL when they were filming in England because he was way too tired from playing soccer that day.


Moving on to the topic of aviation, they also shared with the press some of their more interesting flight experiences. Charmaine recounted an incident where she was on a plane that had tried to land in the midst of a snowstorm but failed, and the oxygen masks were dropped from the compartment. It was the most fortunate that the plane ultimately managed to land safely at another location.

On a lighter note, Chilam recalled that he had chanced upon a ‘halo’ during one of his flights, which was also a phenomenon that Captain Cool had encountered in Triumph in the Skies II. He had immediately pointed out that it was a ‘halo’, impressing many, but he actually only learnt about it from the drama.

Starring a spectacular cast of Louis Ko, Sammi Cheng, Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh and Amber Kuo, Triumph in the Skies is now showing in cinemas. Be sure to catch the movie in cinemas and join the cast through this romantic flight and journey!

On a personal note (after catching the movie), the cinematographic effects were one-of-a-kind and the blending of background music was pretty impressive. Despite having to cramp the stories of 3 different couples inside the 100 minutes movie, there was a clear starting, climax and ending to each of them. Visual effects, music, plot – checked. I wouldn’t leave out the breath-taking sceneries and the Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文)’s rock version of ‘Over The Rainbow’. Click here for the OST!

That’s all for the short review on the movie! Don’t forget to catch it in the cinemas! Ending this post with a photo of the (what I think is) the cutest scene in the movie – Captain Cool cosplaying Harry Potter and Amber Kuo as Hermione! Thank you for reading~  – Xuan Lin


We would like to thank Golden Village for the invitation!

Article and Photography by XUAN LIN & LAUREN @ KAvenyou

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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