[COVERAGE] 畢書盡 Bii With You LIVE in Singapore”


Singapore – Korean-Taiwanese swetheart, Bii, held his much anticipated showcase, Bii With You LIVE in Singapore, on 17th at The Star Theatre last month to hundreds of excited roaring fangirls and we were so elated to catch him live!

Brought by the popular favourite, KKBOX & Singtel, Bii was able to make a final stop at our sunny island for his showcase before heading back to Taiwan to slowly start preparations for his upcoming solo concert in December at the Taiwan Arena (臺北小巨蛋), which holds up to 15,000 fans! Bii, who released his 4th album “I’m Bii to the double I” last year, was received with lots of love and support, clinching the Singer of the Year in KKBOX’s 11th Music Awards. His solo concert holding 4000 fans back in July 2016 was also sold out in seconds!

The close to 3-hour concert showcased Bii’s various musical talents as he took turns singing to Rock, Ballad and Pop genres. Starting with a powerful intro, Bii sang “Come Back To Me”, “Baby Don’t” and even covered the billboard hit “A Sky Full Of Stars” and “Find The Way” medley.



Bii greeted his fans and explained why he decided to make a special stop in Singapore before heading back to Taiwan to prepare for his solo concert, “My last trip was with my juniors and I was caught with flu and wasn’t able to perform my best, so I always felt bad to Singapore BFs (his fan club name), thus, I made a point to come back to sing well for you guys this time”. How sweet and thoughtful is that!

Bii then shared that he prepared a cute and happy song next, bringing us “38”, “Action Go” and “Funky Boy”, heating up the atmosphere in the theatre!

The fans were then engaged in games, where fans with lucky number stickers under their seats were chosen to go up on stage for a charades game where they had to act out 1 word to form an idiom. The winning group of lucky fans were able to take individual polariods with Bii, who dearly posed with his fans, smiling ever so brightly!



The concert hall’s mood changed when Bii started the second part of the concert, Ballad. Gusto fans were singing along loudly to all his songs, making it hard for us not to when Bii sang his popular ballad “By My Side”, “I Wanna Say” and “I Will Miss You”.

The 28 year-old then shyly explained he self-composed the previous songs, earning ‘aww’s and heart filled glances from his fans, how cute! The singer then belted out to more popular ballads before proceeding on to the 2nd game session with fans. The chosen fans were to act out scenarios with Bii as his girlfriend and answer to their request. From back-hugs to selfies, the jaw-dropping handsome Bii did it all, never dropping the smile on his face! How can anyone NOT swoon at him!

The singer then finished up the last part of his concert with chart kills like “Sweet Little Baby”, “B.A.B.Y”, “写给你的歌” and the popular “LOVE MORE” which got the WHOLE theatre singing with him.

The heartwarming concert did not end before his Singapore fan club surprised him with a birthday cake for his upcoming July birthday, along with a special fan-made video. Having promoting in Taiwan alone, Bii could not help but to tear up when his mother and brother appeared on the screen, wishing him a happy birthday in Korean. The thoughtful fans also collaborated with each other to sing him happy birthday in Korean, making him even more teary-eyed by the end of the night.

Image source: Bii’s Facebook Page


Bii shared his thoughts saying how Singapore fans always give him more than what he can give back in return. The sweet yet heartbreaking comment making himself and fans tear up, Bii also shared that he would love to see fans at the upcoming Taiwan concert and also sweetly reminded how they do not have to prepare any surprise as them being present at the concert will be his greatest gift. How heartwarming!

We were so glad to be there to catch every single sweet moment of interaction between Bii and his fans. KAvenyou would like to extend our thanks to KKBOX for the media invite.


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Photography  and article by: Jae @ KAvenyou


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