Things you should know about colored contact lenses

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things you should know about colored contact lens

KAvenyou Beauty Carnival 2019 – Colored contact lenses are all the rage nowadays, with the beauty industry continuing to innovate; we seem to have reach a point where absolutely anything that features on a visible area on your face or body can be “designed”.

It has long been an envy of Asians that our friends from the west possess colorful eyes and hair, while we stay contented with black. Don’t mistaken this as a negative thing, because I personally think black is great, just like retro is evergreen. So while pursuing the versatility of our beautiful eyes, what should we know about these contact lenses that has such an intimate relationship with our eyes on almost a daily basis?

KAvenyou was able to consult the experts from the creators of the renowned “BLACKPINK Contact Lens” – O-Lens, to understand more about these beauty products or should we say accessories?

Q: Would using colored contact lens have any short/long term impact on one’s vision?

There has been no report of any short or long-term vision problems as a result of using approvedcolored contact lens so far, although certain unapprovedproducts may cause unpredictable problems. Having that said, all the products offered by O-Lens have passed the safety assurance tests by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS) of Korea.

Q: Will the colors used on the contact lens fall off or cause problems to the vision of the wearer?

Absolutely not! The color pigment is coated on the contact lens, and even if the pigment falls off, tears will always easily wash it away. In addition, the color pigments have been verified as safe for use as always. Therefore, even if they were to come in direct contact with the eyes it would be unlikely to cause any problems at all.

Q: What are the materials used to make O-LENS, since we know most contact lenses are made of some form of hydrogel?

O-Lens are made of Puscon (Phosphorylcholine). It has excellent biocompatibility and is used for medical devices and artificial tears. It has excellent moisture absorbency and smoothness on the surface of the lens to relax the stimulus. It is also a material that helps to maintain a clear vision by suppressing protein deposition.

If you are curious about this scientific material, read up about it here.

Q: How does the water content affect the wearing experience?

Contact lens with high water content offers you soft and better eye comfort through higher oxygen delivery to the eye. However, as such lenses are also thicker, they tend to cause some dehydration when used over long periods. Think of it as driving a sports car, where you get a short-term boost; but would not offer comfort when driven long distances.

Contact lens with low water content tends to be more durable for extended use, and is thinner in design. However, it may not offer the comfort level of one with higher water content.

In conclusion,we will always recommend having a balance in water content, while considering variables such as our eye’s condition against the replacement cycle (daily, monthly etc). So with these facts from the experts, do you now have more confidence to get a beauty boost, by trying on those colored contacts to obtain the BLACKPINK look?

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