CNBLUE talks about horseriding and upcoming album plans in Can’t Stop Press Conference!

CNB_68 August, Malaysia – After a one year gap, CNBLUE is back to Malaysia again for their Can’t Stop concert tour. We’ve joined the boys at the press conference held on the 8th of August at Doubletree by Hilton a day prior to the concert to discuss about their opinions on the tour and their upcoming plans.

Q: How does it feel to have your second tour in Malaysia?

YH: We’re so glad to be back in Malaysia for the second time. This is not going to be the ending concert because we would love to come back here to promote our upcoming album in the future. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Q: How is this concert different from the past in terms of preparations?

JS: Previously for the last concert we’re here for Blue Moon but this time the tour is titled Can’t Stop. And we’ve prepared a new set of playlist. We hope you guys will enjoy the show with us tomorrow.

JS_4Q: The Can’t Stop album sounds more mature and mellow than your previous albums. What other music style would you like to try next time?

YH: Instead of having one certain genre or having to decide on a music style, we’ll be going for a certain feeling for our next album. So please look forward to our next album.

Q: CNBLUE are very talented songwriters. Do you get requests from any other band or singers to compose songs for them?

YH: Surely there are many requests we’ve received. But we are currently focusing on our upcoming album so right now we’re busy taking care of our own songs.

Q: What was the most memorable episode from your Can’t Stop tour so far?

YH: This time we want to make an unforgettable moment here in Malaysia. We want to make Malaysia the most memorable stop. Terima kasih (Thank you).

YH_1Q: CNBLUE has a tight schedule. How does each member of the band release stress?

YH: I’ve been working out to relieve stress. Recently I’ve been shooting my drama so it’s very diffult to focus right now but I get to try some horseback riding for my drama.

Q: Have you all tried that?

MH: Only Yonghwa and Jungshin have tried horseback riding. I would like to try it too in the future if possible.

YH: Jungshin used to tell me that he is really good at horseback riding so this time I listen to a lot of his advice. And this time, with the drama shooting team I get to experience what he’s told me… and I’m not gonna mention what it is.

JS: Yeah, I’m good. I do believe that I’m still good at it however it’s been awhile since I’ve done it, whereas Yonghwa is practicing it for his drama now. So I believe Yonghwa is much better at it than I am now.

Q: It’s often quite tense before a concert. What would you usually do before you step on the stage?

MH: All of the members would usually like to gather together and listen to some music to forget about the tense feeling.

MH_2Q: What would you like to share with your fans about your concert tomorrow?

YH: No matter where we go, it’s the same. We really appreciate all the cheers and support we’ve received from the fans. So we would like to return the love by performing well in the concert.

Q: Any future plans after your Can’t Stop tour?

YH: I’ll be preparing myself for a new solo album after the tour. And we’ll also be preparing for a new CNBLUE album that will be released next year.

Q: Please share a message for all your Malaysian fans.

JS: It’s been awhile since we’ve been here and we’re looking forward to meet you guys tomorrow and hopefully we will meet each other and enjoy the show together tomorrow night.


We look forward to meeting CNBLUE at the concert and we definitely can’t wait for the release of Yonghwa’s own solo album and a CNBLUE album next year!

CNB_2Special thanks to organizer, IME Productions for the invitation.

For more pictures from the press conference, head on over to our Facebook page here.


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