CLC talks about autobiographical song – Helicopter, and hopes to meet international Cheshire at media showcase

CLC Helicopter

After a year from taking a break, girl group CLC returned with their new single ‘Helicopter’. Performing their comeback single at an online media showcase held on the afternoon of September 2, the group shared their thoughts on their hiatus, preparations for the comeback and also some words for their international fans.

‘Helicopter’, a track pop and EDM powerhouse track, is produced by Hyuk Shin, who has worked with top artistes like EXO and Justin Bieber. Songwriter Melanie Joy Fontana who has collaborated with BTS and TWICE, also participated in the production of this song. The title of the song, ‘Helicopter’, serves as a metaphor for CLC’s taking off to the world with confidence by conquering fear of the future and facing new challenges.

CLC Helicopter

When CLC listened to ‘Helicopter’ together for the first time, it was also the first time the group aligned in their sentiments, and all shared the same positive reaction that it is a good song. It was Yeeun’s first time writing the lyrics of what she named as CLC’s autobiographical song, as she tried to insert their story into the song – something different that they prepared this time.

“Helicopter” talks about “rising up”. The world is going through challenging times right now, so I hope people will feel better and get energized by listening to our music.

– Yujin

During the group’s one year hiatus, the members held individual promotional activities and also spent time on self-development. The preparation over the past year enabled the members to return on-stage with ease, even after a break; though Yeeun admitted that she would be lying if she said she did not feel anxious at all for this comeback.

While preparing for their comeback, Elkie expressed that the members definitely dedicated the most effort to the performance this time, so they hoped people will think of CLC when they think of the performance.

“We want to be the leading performance group of K-pop, and I wish we could hear things like “of course CLC did that”. Perhaps “experts of stage?” I hope people will feel the joy of watching a performance as they see us.”


For the global fans, also affectionately known as Cheshire whom shown so much love to CLC, there will also be an English version of ‘Helicopter’, through which they hope to convey the sincere message delivered by the song to a wider audience.

CLC Helicopter Group Salute

CLC “CHEATKEY” series the secret to capturing new K-Pop fans

It has already been 5 years since CLC’s debut, and when asked about the group’s charming points to capture new K-pop fans just finding out about them, this was what the CLC members had to say about themselves:

Yujin: We have a great chemistry, so I think our reality shows and our “CHEATKEY” series might catch your attention.

Yeeun: CLC has done all kinds of concepts since our first album. You can listen to our music according to your taste. It’s kind of like, “we didn’t know what you would like, so we prepared everything.” I think that may make you stan us, because we pulled off all concepts well.

Eunbin: Some of us have our own YouTube channels, we’re a global group, and we communicate a lot with our label to prepare many different ways of interacting with our fans, so you will fall for us as you catch up with all our content.

Seunghee: It’s the performances. CLC’s performances will make you stan CLC. Our fellow members talked about many good things just now, but I personally think our performances are the key factor that will make you stan us, and the things our members shared are the things that will keep you from leaving us.

CLC reveals their innate transformation from their fanclub colors

After the online press showcase, the CLC members took some time out to answer questions that the KAvenyou team has submitted for the showcase.

Q: Since CLC’s comeback single is called ‘HELICOPTER’, do the members prefer being in the air, on land or in the sea?

Yujin: My favorite is the sea. I feel refreshed and my mind gets relieved just by looking at it.

Yeeun: I love the sky and the sea. Looking at the sky makes me feel happy, and the sea makes me feel relaxed!

Q: Ahead of this comeback, CLC revealed their new official logo and official fanclub colors for their fanclub Cheshire. How do the members feel about the new logo design and also finally having an official fanclub color?

Seunghee: It feels great! Not only had our fans been waiting for it, we have been waiting for them too so we were delighted, and thinking of how excited our fans would be got us feeling even more delighted. The new logo and official colors will certainly give the sense that CLC has “transformed”.

Eunbin: The colors are very special and they suit our members and the image of the team so well. I feel like they are one of a kind!    

CLC Helicopter Media Showcase

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, K-pop concert tours had to be cancelled and most events are now moved online. Touching on their international fanbase, Sorn said, “We’re in a tough time right now, but when things get better, I hope the seven of us will get to go on a world tour, visit our fans, and share fun and happy moments with them to make up for all the times they spent waiting for us.”

Earlier this year, CLC’s “ME(美)” and “Devil” ranked 5th and 7th respectively on Billboard World Digital Songs Chart. For this ‘Helicopter’ comeback, the members too hope that they will get to see their name on the Billboard charts this time round. Seungyeon added, “I heard wonderful news recently—I heard that BTS ranked #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. It’s a huge accomplishment, and a sign that K-pop is being loved by people from all over the globe.”

‘Helicopter’, CLC’s latest comeback single was released on September 2 at 6PM KST on various online music streaming services. Watch the full MV below:

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