CL at Main Square Festival : a bigger step than what you may think

CL at Main Square Festival

On June, 30th, CL performed at “Main Square Festival” in Arras, France.

While the city name may not ring a bell to you, the festival has established itself as a big player among summer events in France. It has seen names like Muse, Coldplay, Linkin Park, Radiohead and more. The years, some of the headliners included Twenty One Pilots, Sting, Sum 41, Yungblud and… CL.

Ever since 2NE1 disbanded, CL has led her solo career on Hip-Hop paths. The rapper and singer has often performed in various festivals, incuding her recent Coachella appearance in May.

However, CL performing at Main Square Festival may be more than just an other gig. K-Pop and the rest of the korean music industry in Europe has been growing steadily. However, it’s only ever been either solo concerts or K-Pop festivals. In Europe, until this year, no Korean artist had the opportunity of performing at such a big-scale festival. 2022 has fans starting to see such occurences, for example with Dreamcatcher who performed at Primavera Sound Festival (Spain). CL’s performance at Main Square Festival proves that Korean Music is taking an other step in Europe. Her performance might have helped the industry to break one or two pre-conceived ideas about Korean music.

In front of fans, the singer appeared self-confident. Wearing a black outfit with neon-green nailpolish, she looked sexy and powerful. She embodied the sassy lyrics of her tracks such as 5 Star, Spicy or Hello B*tches. To many festival-goers, she’s proven that “Korean music” was a very diversified industry. While some of them expected a cute behavior and well-thought choreographies, they discovered a badass and unapolegetic rapper.

Despite performing quite early which is never the easisest part of a festival, she had fans and non-fans in her pocket. She fitted right in the spirit of the festival and proved that Korean artists also have a place to hold on the international music stage.

CL had been announced for a one-hour performance. It was enough for fans to make the trip. They wanted to support the artist’s first solo performance in Europe and ran straight to the front of the Greenroom stage as soon as they arrived. With lightsticks and signboards, they fought the rain. Even the bad weather didn’t tamper their energy. And even though her actual performance was slightly shorter than expected, fans still were delighted at FINALLY having an opportunity to see her in flesh and blood.

Fans are now hoping that this will only be the beginning of seeing more of CL in Europe. There’s no doubt she also enjoyed performing there. She later took to Instagram to thank fans for their support and for the bouquet of roses she received.

We’d like to thank Main Square Festival for having us.

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