CIX successfully toured Europe with “Save Me, Kill Me”

Photo – CIX_Official on Twitter

For European K-Pop fans, 2023 started with the opportunity to attend a CIX concert. KAvenyou attended their date in Paris on January, 22nd.

CIX just finished touring Europe with “Save Me, Kill Me”, their 2nd World tour organized. Like most K-Pop groups though, their 1st tour didn’t include Europe so that it was their 1st time touring there.

Despite not officially sold-out, the Bataclan concert hall still looked quite packed. There probably wasn’t a lot of tickets left, which shows the group’s popularity in Europe. Due to the large and energetic crowd (or thanks to it), the temperature quickly rose up. After performing Numb and What You Wanted, the members started removing their jacket for Jungle and Imagine.

Screens behind the stage display scenery that’s very welcome. In venues like Le Bataclan, screens aren’t necessary to properly see the members. As a result, it’s rare to have them. For this concert, they recreate the atmosphere from the MVs and perfectly enhance the choreographies and performances.

The group also has some quieter songs : with Off My Mind, the take advantage of the chill mood of the song to interact with fans, wave, complete half-hearts and more. As fans chant, the members smile and appreciate the support.

Besides their own songs, the members also prepared for solo performances. A great opportunity for everyone to see the members’ individual personnalities and genre.

BX chose Sriracha by Marteen, showing his rap. Seunghun (Teeth by 5SOS) showed his rockstar self. Wearing a school uniform and loosening up his tie, he looks straight out of a UK movie in which he’d be the romantic bad guy. Yonghee (I’m so Tired by Lauv & Troye Sivan), Jinyoung (Nothing Like Us, Justin Bieber) and Hyunsuk (Let It Go, James Bay) all showed a softer side. They sang in front of a mic stand, making fans swoon over their voices.

Each of the 5 performances prove the members’ talent. They received the cheers and applause from fans, who screamed the names of the members one by one.

CIX in Paris
Photo – CIX_Official on Twitter

When they come back on stage, the members wear all-jeans outfits, which are always a win and fit the group’s image well.

Despite their youthfulness (they debuted in 2019 and Hyunsuk is only 21 years old), CIX already have a mature and sexy image. With songs like Jungle, Without You, 458 or Movie Star, they show some sexy moves that have fans asking for more.

Before the encore, a VCR of the group answering a short interview starts… The video comes to an halt when the screen displaying it broke. It led to a funny happening of fans cheering up for the screen with a chant of “Et pour l’écran allez allez” (And for the screen, cheer up, cheer up). The playful moment showed the french audiance’s positive mindset and seemed to provide amusement to the staff in charge of the technical aspects of the show.

Coming back on stage wearing white t-shirts, the group sang Here For You, Cinema and The One. They seemed relaxed as they went for a last talk to confirm that Paris was, indeed, the City of Love. During the first ment, the members hoped that the show would be unforgettable for both the fans and the group. While it’s difficult to vouch for the idols’ feelings, we can say for sure that they won their bet. Fans won’t forget this concert any time soon!

We’d like to thank MyMusicTaste and C9 Entertainment for having us.

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