[Interview] CIX talks about touring, their most difficult concepts to date and more


CIX recently concluded their first Europe tour and KAvenyou had the pleasure of attending their concert in Paris. After the end of their Europe leg, the members also answered our questions.

Read what the group has to say about travelling, preparing for concerts, feeling love from their international fans and more! The next step of their tour is the United States, for which you can find more information on MyMusicTaste website.

1. Hello CIX. First of all, thank you for answering our question. Can each of you introduce yourself and tell us your most charming point?

BX : I’m BX, CIX’s leader and main rapper. I think my smile is my charm.
YONGHEE : Hello I’m CIX’s YONGHEE. Being cute is my charm.
HYUNSUK : I’m HYUNSUK, the dancer, vocalist and rapper of CIX. I think I have charming dimples!
BAEJINYOUNG : Hello. I’m CIX’s center BAEJINYOUNG. My charming point is the stage I perform on.
SEUNGHUN : I’m SEUNGHUN, the main vocalist of CIX. My English name is MARC. I think it’s charming to work hard in everything and do well.

2. You’re touring the world, which means flying or spending time on the road a lot. When traveling, how do you spend time?

BX : When the travel time is long, I would either listen to music or communicate with FIX.
YONGHEE : I would either communicate with FIX or listen to music while looking at sceneries out the window.
HYUNSUK : I would usually catch up on sleep, listen to music, and watch movies or animations.
BAEJINYOUNG : I’d usually make up for the lack of sleep from preparing for the concerts during travel or thinking about the next performance.
SEUNGHUN : To communicate with more fans, I would learn the basic greetings and languages of the countries we’re visiting.

3. This is your 2nd world tour, how did you prepare for it? Was it different from preparing for the 1st one?

BX : Because it’s our first time doing a Europe tour, so we were excited in preparing for it. And because FIX in Europe have been waiting a long time, I think we worked harder on stage.
YONGHEE : I prepared the stage thinking about how it would be more enjoyable from other fan’s point of view. We prepared the stages with the the audience’s perspective in mind.
HYUNSUK : Since the last tour, a new album has been released and because of it, I think we were able to prepare a new setlist with different kinds of performances.
BAEJINYOUNG : For fans who used their precious time to come and see us, we prepared with the mindset of “Let’s go down and do our best to show great performances!” I always feel the same way every time we perform. As much as we did our best for each stage, I think we were able to show how much we have grown with each performance and experience.
SEUNGHUN : We prepared it with as much excitement as this is our first tour. I practiced a lot and studied languages from time to time because I wanted to show you more diverse performances and improved performances than the last time.


4. Performing on stage means you get a direct reaction from the fans. Was there ever a time when you thought “This reaction is different from expected”?

BX : I was really surprised to see FIX singing along to all of CIX’s songs, especially “Movie Star” from start to finish. I was surprised and unexpected that I felt very touched.
YONGHEE : First of all, the fans’ cheering was so hot at the shows that it was so much fun to perform. I was surprised and happy because I felt that the fans’ love was greater than I thought.
HYUNSUK : I was surprised because FIX cheered for us by stomping their feet! Their cheers were already loud but they supported me with big actions too and thanks to that, I gained strength and was able to work harder on stage.
BAEJINYOUNG : I think the fans were much more passionate than I thought. I was so happy because you gave me so much love and support.
SEUNGHUN: When I performed in Paris, France, I was surprised when Paris FIX stomped their feet and sang the song of the French national soccer team. The energy of the audience was so good that I also gained strength throughout the performance.

5. What is the genre or concept that you find the most difficult to perform on stage?

BX : ‘Jungle’ was a song that we collaborated on with the dancers. I was worried about having to fill the jungle stage with the five of us during this tour. As a result, I liked it because it was rather new.
YONGHEE : The first show in Europe, Warsaw, was the most nerve-wracking, but as I perform on stage, I started to relax and I think I expressed it as well as I wanted.
HYUNSUK : Rather than songs with choreography, songs without choreography that had to move naturally and sing live were more difficult! I paid a lot of attention to every small gesture and movement because it felt big to the fans watching.
BAEJINYOUNG : I don’t think there was anything hard in particular. Even if there were difficulties, I think I tried not to show them and do my best to perform.
SEUNGHUN : Solo performances are definitely hard. I was a bit nervous because I had to fill the entire song by myself.

6. Can each of you choose one other member and tell us either an activity or a concept you’d like to see them try?

BX : I think HYUNSUK would suit a mature concept as he is tall.
YONGHEE : I think ‘Jungle’ suits BAEJINYOUNG well. I think he’s good at pulling off powerful and cool concepts.
HYUNSUK : I think YONGHEE looked the best during “Cinema” promotions.
BAEJINYOUNG : I think a cute concept would suit HYUNSUK as he’s our maknae (youngest).
SEUNGHUN : I think BX would fit the best if we do a hip/cool genre.

7. This tour happens during the Lunar New Year. Do you manage to celebrate this type of celebration, or even birthdays etc. when you’re abroad?

BX : I have always spent time with my family during Seollal but I couldn’t this time. Even so, it was new and nice to spend time with FIX in Europe this time.
YONGHEE : Yes, this holiday I sent text messages or video called my parents and relatives. Even though I couldn’t spend time with them, I still sent them my greetings.
HYUNSUK : Even though I was overseas, I tend to exchange greetings from my family, colleagues, and friends!
BAEJINYOUNG : Yes, it was Seollal, so I greeted my family on the phone.
SEUNGHUN : I don’t want to just let a special day pass, so I tend to take care of it over the phone.

8. Do you have any messages for your fans?

BX : We’ll come back with better performances and better songs next time. Let’s be together then, too!
YONGHEE : Thank you so much for giving us so much love from far away Europe. We will do our best to repay your love. We promise! We’ll be back for sure. I love you.
HYUNSUK : I wanted to get closer to FIX in Europe through this tour and I’m so happy that it happened. I’ll be back with more improvement in the next Europe tour. Thank you.
BAEJINYOUNG : Thank you for always being with us and supporting us. Thanks to you, we’re able to perform and practice happily. Please take care of us this year, FIX. Thank you!
SEUNGHUN : FIX in Europe, thank you for waiting for us and being with us during this tour. I’ll never forget this tour!

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