[Foodie Friday] Churro101 shows you how the best churros are meant to be eaten

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Dubbed the snack to eat when you visit Disneyland, churros can actually be a savoury or sweet respite from all the doughy goodness offered by bakeries.

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Crazes come and go, and while previously there was the bingsoo trend, and then the watermelon and flavored soju craze, the recent opening of Churro101 meant that there was a heightened craving for the pastry.

Making waves for having fans from well-known Kpop groups like Girl’s Generation and f(x) meant that the dessert chain’s first international store was welcomed with open arms to little Singapore. Take note that this was one of the pioneers of churros in Korea, and boy are we glad to see it grace our shores.

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Made with a light crispy outside covering coupled with a soft fluffy middle, all ingredients from Churro101 are imported straight from Korea so that the quality isn’t compromised with alternative ingredients.

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Choose from plain original churros to churros with fillings to spice up your choices. Or if you want something more, try their churros with ice cream or hot chocolate, depending on your mood!

We can’t wait to go down and try all these new flavors! Tell us which is your favorite.

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Find Churro101 at Bugis+, conveniently in the middle of town for you to stop by after you’ve had a long day at work or just finished your shopping.

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