[Wanderlust Wednesday] Idol-Spotting at Cheongdam + 3D2N Stay Giveaway at Cheongdam Guesthouse!

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This is part 3 on a series of introduction to Cheongdam-dong, the entertainment companies in the area and where your favourite KPOP idols have been spotted. Check out part 1 and part 2 here!

Part 1: Exploring entertainment companies (SM, JYP, CUBE, FNC) at Cheongdam!
Part 2: Stay near your idols at Cheongdam Guesthouse in Gangnam, Seoul!

Living in the heart of Cheongdam-dong means rubbing shoulders with your favourite idol stars at your doorsteps. Here’re the trendy hot spots in Cheongdam-dong near the guesthouse where your favourite KPOP stars have been spotted!

Dunkin’ Donuts

Right across JYP Entertainment is the famed Dunkin’ Donuts! In this Dunkin’ Donuts, every star from JYPE has left their mark on the walls of the cafe. Fans of JYPE groups often wait at the cafe to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars as they go in and out of the doors of JYPE. While waiting outside is okay, photo taking is not allowed so we advise customers to keep your cameras away and let your eyes do the capturing. Make sure you buy a drink before settling down to wait for oppa or unnie!

Food Cafe

Next to JYPE is Food Cafe, where many idol stars frequent during their trainee days for their tasty and most importantly, cheap Korean food! Oppa may not eat kimchi jjigae here like during trainee days anymore but you can have a quick bite into the taste of regular homely Korean food!

Dae Han Geuk Jang BBQ restaurant

If you’re feeling a little generous, down the road from JYPE and right next to Cube Studio is the a Korean BBQ restaurant that is loved by JYPE stars even until today! Of course the price is not cheap but the quality of the meat here is JJANG JJANG. On the walls of this restaurant, you can see the signatures of many idol stars and sometimes the owners will even seat you next to the signatures of your idols if the tables are available (make sure you tell them who you stan!)

The Street

The Street is a cafe and bistro owned by 2PM members, just down the road from JYPE and Cube Entertainment. Many celebrities have been spotted here including 2PM, GOT7 and TWICE! Besides having star for customers, the cafe and bistro also serves up yummy Italian bites. If you’re craving for something other than Korean food, this is the cafe to check out in Cheongdam!

SMT Restaurant

Down the road from Cube Cafe and the meat restaurant is the new restaurant owned and operated by SM Entertainment! As expected, everything is embossed with the SMT logo, and the restaurant looks more like a high-end hotel than a food establishment. The annual SM Halloween party was held here in 2015 so many of your favourite SM stars have passed the doors of this building in their fancy get up. What a way to open this new restaurant than a party with the hottest SM stars! Check out KAvenyou’s Facebook album here to find out more about SMT SEOUL!

Ma Nyeo Kimbap Restaurant
Ma Nyeo Kimbap Restaurant – spot the autographs!

Back to the street where Cheongdam Guesthouse is, just across the junction is a simple Kimbap Restaurant. Not every meal had by a celebrity is fancy – this humble kimbap restaurant has served the likes of GOT7 and even boasts signatures from members Jaebum and Youngjae. Kimbap is probably the more accurate national staple of Korea!

Every morning Cheongdam Guesthouse’s staff pops by the 4 buildings and posts updates for international fans on our twitter at @chongdamdong123 (Japanese Twitter) and @chongdamdong124 (English Twitter) so do check them out to feel closer to your favourite stars!

Feeling ready to come to Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu the next time you visit Seoul for fangirling pursuits? Come stay at Cheongdam Guesthouse and feel right at home in our KPOP community. You may even see your favourite idol stars while getting breakfast at the cafes or going on a leisurely stroll of the neighbourhood!

Cheongdam Guesthouse 3D2N Stay Giveaway

Cheongdam Guesthouse is doing a giveaway so do take part and win for yourself a 3D2N stay for you and a friend, redeemable anytime in 2016 (subject to terms and conditions below).

All you have to do is:

Twitter example
  1. Find this post on KAvenyou’s/Cheongdam Guesthouse’s Twitter and quote it with “I want to stay at Cheongdam Guesthouse because (fill in the blanks)! @Chongdamdong124 #CDGHgiveaway”.
  2. Don’t forget to tag Cheongdam Guesthouse at @chongdamdong124, use the giveaway hashtag #CDGHgiveaway, and follow Cheongdam Guesthouse on Twitter!

You can also join the contest through Facebook! All you have to do is:

Facebook example
  1. Share this post with “I want to stay at Cheongdam Guesthouse because (fill in the blanks) @Gangnam – Cheongdam Guesthouse in Seoul #CDGHgiveaway”
  2. Make sure you tag Cheongdam Guesthouse’s Facebook page “Gangnam – Cheongdam Guesthouse in Seoul”, use the hashtag, set the privacy setting of your post to “public” so we can see it, and like Cheongdam Guesthouse’s page!

The contest runs from 20 January 1200hrs KST to 31 January 1200hrs KST. Winners will be announced through Cheongdam Guesthouse’s official SNS so stay tuned! It’s so~ easy, what are you waiting for? You can share as many times as you like!

Gangnam is the place to see and be seen, so come to Gangnam and experience the hustle and bustle for yourself! See you at Cheongdam Guesthouse soon ^^

For more information, check out Cheongdam Guesthouse’s official website: http://cdghouse.com/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheongdamguesthouse/
Official Twitter (English): https://twitter.com/chongdamdong124

For direct bookings, simply contact Cheongdam Guesthouse via Line/ Kakao/ Wechat ID: Cheongdamstay; email cdhostelingangnam@gmail.com or fill in this form: https://cheongdam124.netowl-mailform.jp and the staff will get back to you right away!

Terms and Conditions of Giveaway

  • Cheongdam Guesthouse reserves the right to accept or cancel the redemption of the winner, subject to the prevailing circumstances.
  • The periods available for the 3D2N stay are during off peak season and during 2016 only.
  • Bookings must be made at least one month in advance, preferably as soon as possible.
  • Rooms provided for the stay will be at the discretion of the guesthouse.
  • The guesthouse reserves to turn away guests that do not follow our house rules.
  • The selection of the winner is to the guesthouse’s discretion and the management’s say is final.


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