[COVERAGE] Busan One Asia Festival and how it feels like to attend KPop Concert for the first time in South Korea!

Busan One Asia Festival was recently held during the month of October, which aims to introduce the city’s vibrant culture and the Korean Wave to young people from around the world.

The star-studded festival included performances from popular K-pop idols such as APink, Astro, GOT7, B.A.P, iKon, BlackPink, NU’EST W, Wanna One, Sechkies and many more!

KAvenyou was very honoured to attend the opening ceremony for Busan One Asia Festival that was located at Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

The event started with a simple red-carpet ceremony, idols donned their stylish and pretty outfits as they introduced themselves to the fans and how they felt being apart of the festival.

Momoland, Astro, SF9 were the first few to open the ceremony, with their hit songs, ‘Freeze’, ‘Baby’, ‘O Sole Mio’ followed by NU’EST W with ‘Hello’!

Wanna One, iKon and BlackPink further fired up the concert with their hit songs, ‘Pick Me’, ‘Bling Bling + B’DAY’ and ‘Playing with Fire + As If It’s Your Last’!

GFRIEND, B.A.P, Wanna One, NCT 127, APink and GOT7 were also up with their exciting performances, ‘Summer Rain + Love Whisper’, ‘Honeymoon’, ‘Energetic’, ‘Cherry Bomb’, ‘FIVE’ and ‘Never Ever + You Are’ accordingly!

Choi Baek Ho who was also part of the line-up, performed ‘When I’m in Busan’. A song that moved everyone that night!

Last but not least, Sechkies, one of the first-generation idol groups was up with their hit songs ‘3 words’ and ‘Something Special’. Sechkies fans were the highlight of that night because they sat together and created a sea of light, waving and singing along with Sechkies before the event ended.

How does it feels to attend one of the biggest Music Festival in South Korea?
I would say it’s AMAZING! I did attend concerts in Singapore and Malaysia (once) but I guess being in South Korea and looking at all the artistes that you actually only seen on your screens, it felt surreal! I used to be a very avid fan of K-pop and I can understand the feelings and excitement that one has, especially if you are attending a concert that your favourite idol is part of.

I would recommend trying to attend at least one concert or music festival when you travel to South Korea! You don’t have to worry about accommodation or having troubles getting there because they are able to provide packages for you! For example, Busan One Asia Festival do provide tours / information about hotels and where to go while you are at Busan!

I do have my fears and worries while I was travelling to Busan for the festival. Being worried that I might get lost while getting there and afraid that I can’t communicate with the local fans (if I need help), but I worried for nothing because there are a lot of foreigners going for the festival too! While we were waiting for the show to start (we were in the mosh pit), I found a lot of overseas fans, coming from all over the world! I’m glad because I didn’t realized how big of an influence Hallyu Wave and KPop are that it is able to gather all the fans of the world to cheer for our favourite idols. It’s amazing and you feel proud at the same time because, well, Music Makes One right? ^^

Here are the following links that you can bookmark in the future!
Busan One Asia Festival: http://bof.or.kr/eng/main/
Korea Tourism Organization: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto

KAvenyou would like to thank Korea Tourisim Organization for the invite to Busan One Asia Festival Opening Ceremony!

Article & Photography by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou


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