BTS in Paris: a concert that overpowers tiredness

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BTS-World Tour Europe 1

Considering BTS’ achievements over the past few years, it should come as no surprise to hear that these two legs have been very successful. After debuting in 2013, the group’s fandom steadily gained new members. Especially over the past two years though, their popularity exploded. They’re a phenomenon that reached way beyond the limits of the K-Pop community worldwide.

BTS held two concerts that were the last ones of the North America and Europe legs of their world tour, on 19 and 20 October in Paris

As a result, they’ve held not one but two concerts in Paris (France), at AccorHotel Arena. The venue can welcome about 20,000 fans and the two shows’ tickets have been sold out in a matter of minutes, leaving thousands of fans without a chance to see the group. In French, a country that loves pastries, you’d call it “se vendre comme des petits pains”, which literally translates to “selling like chocolate-stuffed bread”.

Speaking about bread, and to give some energy to the fans that have camped at the venue days ahead of the show, the venue and the concert organization had planned for a free breakfast where fans could grab some pastries or cereal bars, as well as a hot drink.

This energy boost was well needed, as going to a BTS concert is, for fans, a whole experience. Before the concert, those who weren’t already queuing for a good spot in the standing pit could enjoy “BTS Studio”. BTS Studio is a whole concept where technology lets you interact with the members’ holograms and take a picture with them.

Fans then had to go to the merchandising area, where one of the most popular items seemed to be the Army Bomb. With all the lightsticks being synchronized together, changing colors at the same time and such, fans want to be part of that experience. Thanks to the lightstick’s popularity, BTS were able to give a surprise to their fans by creating a French flag out of the audience’s lightsticks.

As for the concert itself, it seems to have left long-lasting memories for both BTS and their fans. As expected, the group performed many of their hit songs: Run, DNA, Fire, DOPE, MIC Drop, Fake Love, as well as the more recent Idol, that are known to most K-Pop fans. Those are the songs that made fans jump and party, and they show the group’s impressive synchronization when it comes to dancing.

BTS World Tour Europe 3

But many of the performances also felt more personal. Though more upbeat songs by BTS also have significant meanings, the message can sometimes be overshadowed by the lively atmosphere created by the songs. Quieter songs such as The Truth Untold, as well as the member’s solo songs, were a different case though. You could feel the members’ sincerity, as well as the fans’ wish to sing along to the lyrics as if to say “that’s what we want to say too”.

BTS came back with the song “Idol” late August, just before their solo concerts at Jamsil Stadium. After promoting for a week, they directly left for the first part of their world tour. They’ve been living in hotels for almost two months and probably were very tired. Besides, Jungkook had hurt himself in London and was supposed to remain seated. V had caught a cold and his hoarse voice made it hard for him to sing. However, when attending the last concert of the tour, you didn’t feel their tiredness.

BTS World Tour Europe 4

Indeed, Jungkook did his best to stand up as much as possible, and danced a little bit even though he probably still had stitches. V hit his high notes despite the cold and kept smiling while looking at the fans. All members were full of energy, and seemingly of happiness, as if they had been able to sleep 10 hours per night for the past few weeks.

The fans who have waited for hours (if not for days) and the idols who have been going through packed schedules for over 2 months, no-one seemed to remember that they were tired.

BTS’ series of album is called “Love Yourself”. They also have a song titled “Love Myself”. What is sure and clear is that BTS and ARMY love each others. The next continent to experiment this love is Asia, as the group will embark on the Asia leg (including Singapore) of this world tour late November.

Article by Céline
Pictures provided by Live Nation France and @welcome_fans_

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