BTS get their own web radio in France

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For BTS, headlines like “K-Pop group BTS conquer a new country” almost sound like old news. However they still manage to bring some novelties to it. After the USA, it seems BTS are ready to take over Europe. Their new achievement in France is the creation of a web radio just for them.

Player of NRJ BTS

A few days ago, KAvenyou published an article about BTS’s extraordinary year 2018. The group didn’t stop there though and after the USA, Europe is about to fall under the members’ charms.

While K-Pop is going strong in Europe, it is still not a mainstream music genre. Hence, NRJ, one of the country’s most listened-to radio, never had a reason for playing K-Pop songs.

Things are changing, however. BTS’ popularity in the USA was bound to attract event more attention on the group.

A few days ago, one of NRJ’s MCs tweeted that a BTS song would be played on the radio on Monday, 15th January. They promised an extra suprise for the fans depending on how many re-tweets the information could get. Considering that the group’s internetional popularity came from their SNS popularity, ARMYs obviously completed the challenge.

As monday was the day, not only BTS made it on the french radio program, but the real surprise lied somewhere else. The NRJ radio, which also has a variety of web radio, also launched a NRJ BTS web radio.  Together with a NRJ K-Pop radio.

This means french fans can listen to BTS music anywhere and for free thanks to the web radio and its application. And if you want to join the fun, international fans can also listen to it on the group’s website and smartphone application.

The time and efforts spent on creating this web radio prove that french media are starting to recognize the group’s popularity. After successfully conquering the USA in 2017, 2018 is an other good start for BTS.

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