[Singapore Coverage] Brother of the Year cast talks about love at Singapore press conference

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[Singapore Coverage] Brother of the Year cast talks about love at Singapore press conference

The top-grossing Thai movie of the year, Brother of the Year is finally hitting the big screens here in Singapore from 12 July 2018!

This romance-comedy is not your usual Thai movie which goes into the genre of horror and love. It talks about the love-hate relationship between siblings, which is a bond that you cannot choose or stop, and there aren’t many movies which talk about this which makes it really special.

Just last Monday, the director Witthaya Thongyooyong and the cast Sunny Suwanmethanon, Urassaya Sperbund and Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul were in town to promote the movie.

This movie marks popular TV actress Yaya’s (Urassaya Sperbund) first silver screen debut and she plays Jane, a bossy sister, who meets the perfect boyfriend Moji (Nichkhun) but she also has an annoying older brother Chuy (Sunny), who seeks to ruin her life and happiness. Throughout the press conference, you can tell that the cast members have really great chemistry together and they could joke around with each other casually.

Here are some questions asked during the press conference.

[Singapore Coverage] Brother of the Year cast talks about love at Singapore press conference

Q: If you were to swop their characters, Sunny playing the Sweet boyfriend and Nichkhun playing the evil brother, do you think it will work out?
Director: They should be able to swop the characters easily as they are great actors.

Q (To Yaya): How do you feel working with two very handsome guys?
Yaya: It was a great experience working with them and they are really sweet.

Q: (Yaya) is a very bossy sister in the film, do you think she is bossy in real life?
Nichkhun: I don’t think she is bossy; she is very nice and sweet. She is very perfect in everything she does.
There was a scene where she had to speak Japanese and it took her less than a week to learn! She was able to memorise everything without the script and she was very professional.

Q: If you were given a choice in real life, who would you prefer as a boyfriend – the bad boy look (Sunny) or the sweet boyfriend (Nichkhun)?
Yaya: I think the perfect thing would be to put both of them together.
(Note: She did not want to choose between the two and chose the emcee instead)

Q: Would you want to swop the role and play the sweet boyfriend and Nichkhun be the evil brother?
Sunny: I think the best guy (for the evil brother) has to be me. He (pointing to Nichkhun) is a nice guy.

[Singapore Coverage] Brother of the Year cast talks about love at Singapore press conference

Q (To Nichkhun): Do you want to try another role – an irritating and bad boy character?
Nichkhun: This role is pretty interesting, Moji is such a nice guy, bright and playful. Bad boy would be a type of role I want to challenge myself as it looks like it will be fun; so maybe one day.

Q (To All): Do you believe that ‘Love conquers all’, including cultural differences and all?
Yaya: I would like to believe that Love conquers all; but i guess it depends on the situation. For Jane, it makes sense because things were not rosy at home and Moji is just a perfect guy in every aspect and that concept works for her.
For me, I’m a hopeless romantic so I think I would. It’s not so much about the place (or the distance), it’s more about the person you love.
Nichkhun: I don’t know, I think I’m more of a realist. I would look into the situation and I will try to make it work. I would like to believe that Love conquers all but yea.. (hesitantly); Sure why not? But’s not easy in real life especially when I’m in this (entertainment) industry. I can’t just say ‘Okay, Bye Bye, I’m going somewhere to get married.’ I have so many fans waiting for me, my bandmates (2PM) too. It’s not such an easy thing to think about as I have so much responsibilities in real life that I don’t know if I can think this way right now.
Sunny: I would go with the flow and follow my feelings.. So, whatever happens, it happens.

Q (To Yaya): Is learning Japanese language not easy?
Yaya: I think it was probably one of the most difficult languages to learn. (Note: Yaya can speak five languages – English, Thai, Norwegian, French and Spanish) Japanese was really difficult as you need to answer the culture, tone up and down and there’s a lot of layers that I had to understand. It was really hard.

Yaya then recited her Japanese line from the movie!

The press conference came to an end, but that was just the start of their Singapore schedule, as they had a public meet-and-greet session and the movie gala premiere afterwards, where they got to meet their fans to share about the movie.

Brother of the Year will be having sneak previews this weekend from 6 to 8 July and it will air officially in Singapore cinemas from 12 July.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring along some tissue/napkins with you!

For more photos of the press conference, do check out KAvenyou’s Facebook: Brother of the Year Singapore Press Conference

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Photography by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou

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