BOYFRIEND and European Bestfriends create memories together in Paris

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BOYFRIEND in ParisOn May 24th, BOYFRIEND have held their 3rd and last European concert as a part of their Bewitch tour.

With 3 dates in 3 days, the boys had a tight schedule and landed in France only a few hours prior to the concert. This didn’t prevent them from showing us not only their good performances, but also their energetic and playful sides. A great treat for the fans who enjoyed these priveledged moments of interactions with their idols.

BOYFRIEND are quite a versatile group. From cute to manly, from strong beats to slow ballads… Their particularity seems to be that they precisely don’t have one. They are at ease, whether they cutely sing Boyfriend or they expose their bare torso in a sexy solo stage (in Hyunseong’s case). But one constant thing about them is the interactions they made sure to maintain with the. fans.   Exchanging eye contacts, sending hearts, waving hands, jumping together, throwing candies (and a bit of water, Minwoo definitely enjoys watering Bestfriends)…

Hyunseong in ParisThe fans did receive all the possible kinds of fan-service. And the members were more than happy to provide it. Just like Donghyun who invited a fan on stage for his solo stage or Youngmin who went down in the pit – twice-, all 6 members seemed eager to create special memories with Bestfriends. A feeling returned by the fans who had prepared two banner events – one to thank the group for coming and a second one to celebrate the 4 years BOYFRIEND and bestfriends have already spent together .

Yougnmin with fans in Paris In their ment time, they said they were very happy to have had a Europe tour, and hope to come back “10, 100, 1000 times”. They asked fans to not go anywhere in the meantime, but we are sure the fans who attended their Europe tour aren’t leaving BOYFRIEND’s side any time soon.

Jeongmin in Paris

Until they come back, we would like to thank Kanzen Music for inviting us to this concert.

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