BOL4 Successfully Completed First Solo Concert in Singapore With Surprise Birthday Fan Project

Soloist Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간 사춘기) or BOL4, was in town for the Singapore stop of her 2023 BOL4 ASIA TOUR, ‘’. Fans were treated to her heartwarming vocals and soulful melodies; highlights of the concert also included BOL4 surprising fans by starting a song in the audience and fans surprising her right back with a birthday fan project that made her cry.

This was her first time here and she shared that she really wanted to visit Singapore. Many of her fellow singers had shared with her about how beautiful it was here and their happiness after visiting Singapore.

BOL4 performed her hits songs like ‘Travel’, ’Bom’, ‘Some’ and ‘Galaxy’ among many others. There was also no shortage of interactions with fans that night; from coming down to the audience multiple times, to giving high fives and even taking a rose from a lucky fan. BOL4 had a dedicated photo time for fans to take pictures of her from different sides of the stage and also had fans raise their pinky fingers while promising that she would return to Singapore. She peppered her ments with Singlish, teasing fans and got everyone giggling with her small jokes. ‘How many languages do you speak? I don’t think my Korean is as good (as yours)!’ she remarked, when fans kept responding to her in Korean.

Before performing her song ‘You(=I)’, the singer asked if there were fans willing to join her in dancing the killing part of the song and promptly got shocked by the intensity of screams from the upper levels. ‘Oh! Why are you angry?’ she stuttered, to the laughter of the other fans.

Fans surprised her during photo time with a sea of hand banners, a birthday video and song, making BOL4 burst into tears. ‘I’m trying so hard to find a word that shows more gratitude than just ‘Thank you’’, the emotional singer declared, ‘This is the first time I heard my overseas fans singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and your voices are so beautiful.’ We noted that she held onto her banner all the way till the final encore song.

She also took fan requests for songs outside the setlist such as ‘Butterfly Effect’ and ‘XX’, joking that fans were testing her by choosing really old songs of hers.

During the song ‘To My Youth’, the singer performed to a standing audience, everyone was on their feet, being swept away by her whimsical performance.

Ending off her concert with her soulful encore song ‘Good night’, BOL4 left fans wanting more. ‘I promise that I will be back in Singapore with better music and performance. I cannot thank you enough for coming to my show today and I hope that you guys really enjoyed it. Thank you so much and I love you so much la!’

We look forward to meeting her again in Singapore! Thank you CK Star Entertainment for the media invite to 2023 BOL4 ASIA TOUR ‘사랑.zip’ IN SINGAPORE.

Article by: Angeline & Mei Jun @ KAvenyou
Official Photography: CK Star Entertainment

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