[INTERVIEW] Billlie Talks About 1st XR Concert, Watching Fan Compilations & Leaves Message For Singapore Belllie’ves

K-Pop girl group Billlie is currently in Singapore for the first time to perform at YouTube FanFest 2022. Prior to the gig here, KAvenyou had the opportunity to speak to the seven members through an email interview to reveal more about the group and members. Read till the end for a special message from the girls.

Q1. Welcome to Singapore! As it’s Billlie’s first time in Singapore as a group, what are the things that you would like to try or see?

Siyoon: Thank you so much for the warm welcome! We’re so happy and excited about coming to Singapore for the first time, and being able to meet our fans here. Please look forward to Billlie’s first performance in Singapore!

Q2. Congratulations on your first debut anniversary! What have you all learnt so far throughout the past year after debut, and what wishes do you have moving forward as a group? 

Moon Sua: I can’t believe a year has passed already! I still vividly remember our debut stage. We were able to continue performing all thanks to our fans who told us they received positive energy from and sympathized with our performances and music over the past year. With all of their cheers and love, we will work harder to become a global artist and showcase our music around the world.

Q3. Billlie has tried various concepts for each comeback/album, with the latest being a rock concept for ‘RING ma Bell’. Which concept are your favourite so far and why?

Haram: The concept for ‘RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world),’ the title song of our latest album, was the most impressive for me. We were able to show our unique charm and performance through the hard rock genre, and I think our fans also loved our fierce styling and music.

Q4. Billlie is holding your first XR concert, ‘The Interlude of 11’. How was the preparations for the online concert? Any differences in preparation between and online and offline physical performances? 

Sheon: We are working hard for ‘the interlude of 11,’ our first XR concert for our first debut anniversary. We will not only perform our previous songs but also deliver new stages at the concert. Because it’s a concert with latest technologies to break down the barriers in time, space and dimensions, we hope fans can check out Billlie’s unique universe and stories more vividly with the show. We’re putting our best efforts into it, so please look forward to it!

Q5. Tsuki’s fantastic facial expressions from a GingaMingaYo fancam at a music show went viral. The video in question currently has over 11 million views! Did Tsuki expect this and do members regularly practice their facial expressions? 

Tsuki: To be honest, I did not think so many people would watch the video and cheer for me! I’m so grateful all the time. When we first received the choreography draft, we were told that powerful dances and moves unique to members are the points for the performance and that it is very important for us to show ever-changing facial expressions. We discussed a lot while practicing, shared our thoughts and detailed feedback on each other, which I think helped in preparing good performances for the stage. I think our behind the scene efforts were recognized and I am so grateful about that. We’ll do our best moving forward, so please look forward to our future performances as well!

Q6. Moon Sua and her brother Moonbin’s collaboration stage of ‘My Ear’s Candy’ became quite a hit. Are there any upcoming collaborations with members or as a group that fans can look forward to? 

Moon Sua: Thank you! I was thankfully given the opportunity to perform on the same stage with Moonbin sunbaenim, and was able to make great memories from the stage. I do not have any concrete plans to share, but if there are any other opportunities to collaborate, I would love to perform another song with Moonbin sunbaenim. (Laughs)

Q7. Do the Billlie members watch your own fancams or fan compilation videos? Any of these that left a deep impression? (Billlie 멤버 분들도 팬들의 팬캠 혹은 팬들의 영상 모음을 보시나요? 특별히 기억에 남는 영상이 있으실까요?)

Haram: Of course! I’ve seen fan-uploaded stage mixes where they edited different stages into one performance video. It was so cool. We could feel the effort and love of our fans with the video, and were so grateful!

Q8. On Billlie’s YouTube channel, there are dance choreography, dance and music covers, behind-the-scenes (BecOrd) and even fanchant guide videos. What other contents will fans be expected to see on your YouTube channel? 

Siyoon: We’ve been sharing a lot of content with our fans via our YouTube channel, including ‘the eleventh day’ where we showcased cover dances of ‘영웅 (英雄; Kick It)’ by NCT 127 sunbaenim, ‘호랑이 (Tiger Inside)’ by SuperM sunbaenim and more, as well as Billliedentity. We were so happy to share our everyday lives with our fans and to see them enjoying the content and finding chemistry between our members. We do not have a fixed plan yet, but we think a lot about coming up with content that can make our fans happy, and work hard to create as much as possible! Please look forward to more content to be uploaded to our channel!

Q9. Do you have any special messages for Singapore Belllie’ve? 

Suhyeon: Hi Belllie’ves! Finally, Billlie is in Singapore! We are so happy to be able to meet you, and would like to sincerely thank you for always supporting us. We hope to see you more often in Singapore! We’ll give our best at our performance in Singapore. We love you Belllie’ves!

KAvenyou would like to thank YouTube FanFest for the opportunity to interview Billlie.

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