Bii Brought Surprises to His Fans at Bii My Love Live in Malaysia 2015!

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March 2015- Taiwanese-Korean artist Bii Pi Shu-Jin successfully wraps up his first overseas solo concert in Malaysia. Presenter Unispace, organizer Click Entertainment <Bii My Love Live In Malaysia 2015> held in Stadium Negara, on 21 March 2015 attracts about 4000 crowds. Besides Bii, the four knights or Eagle Music namely Andrew Tan 陳勢安,Dino Lee 李玉玺 ,Ian Chen 陈彦允, & Miu Chu 朱俐静 attended the concert as special guest on that night.

Bii show off his Multilanguage ability throughout his concert by performing a few different language songs such as English song< When I was your Man – Bruno Mars >, Korean song < The Breeze 브리즈– 뭐라할까>, Japanese song < Whenever you are – One Ok Rock>. Bii also prepared a big surprise for Malaysia BF(Bii’s Fanbase), he performed his new song < B.A.B.Y > for the very first time specially for Malaysia Fans! Bii revealed that this song is his latest self-composed song <B.A.B.Y> stands for “Bii always be your side” causing the crowd gone wild due to his confession.


Bii also prepared a Special Stage collaborating with Miu Chu, performing <Trouble Maker- Hyuna and Hyun Seung>. Fans showed full support and sing along when Bii performed his popular hits includes <ZhuanShenZhiHou转身之后>, <Come Back To Me>, < Liu Xing FeiGuo流星飞过> and <Wohaixiangnianni我还想念你> and turn the whole stadium into a large Karaoke room!


《Bii My Love Malaysia Concert 2015》Song List

1.Baby Don’t

2.Like I love you (Justin Timberlake) + Feel Good


4.写给你的歌XieGei Ni De Ge

5.When I Was You Man (Bruno Mars)

6.The Breeze브리즈 (뭐라할까)

7.Whenever You Are (One Ok Rock)

8.命运交响曲(李玉璽+陈彦允)Ming Yun Jiao Xiang Qu ( Dino + Ian)

9.放下旅行(李玉璽+陈彦允)Fang Xia Lv Xing ( Dino + Ian)

10.基因决定我爱你(李玉璽+陈彦允当)Ji Ying Jue Ding Wo Ai Ni ( Dino + Ian)

11.Revolution(李玉璽+陈彦允)( Dino + Ian)

12.越过城市(李玉璽+陈彦允)YueGuo Cheng Shi ( Dino + Ian)

  1. I Wanna say

14.By My Side

15.我们在爱中漫步Wo Men Zai Ai Zhong Man Bu

16.我爱你不会改变Wo Ai Ni Bu HuiGaiBian


18.Action Go!


20.流星飞过 Liu Xing FeiGuo


22.Trouble Maker(毕书尽+朱俐静)(Bii + Miu Chu)

23.我会在你身边(毕书尽+朱俐静)WoHuiZai Ni ShenBian(Bii + Miu Chu)

24.势在必行(毕书尽+陈势安)Shi Zai Bi Xing (Bii + Andrew)

25.天后(毕书尽+朱俐静+陈势安)TianHou(Bii + Andrew)

26.Everything Change(毕书尽+朱俐静+陈势安+李玉璽+陈彦允)(Bii + Miu + Andrew + Dino + Ian)

27.Come Back To Me

28.我还想念你WoHai Xiang Nian Ni

29.你给我的爱 Ni GeiWo De Ai

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