BIGBANG Successfully Ended 2015 World Tour MADE in Malaysia With A BANG!


KUALA LUMPUR ­– Malaysian VIPs had been longing for BIGBANG’s comeback ever since their last concert tour in Kuala Lumpur that happened 3 years ago. And on the 24th and 25th of July 2015, BIGBANG finally granted the fans’ wishes by holding “BIGBANG 2015 World Tour [MADE] in Malaysia”! The 2-day concert was held at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil. KAvenyou was invited by IME Productions, the concert organizer to witness this spectacular concert on the first night.

The concert started with a bang when BIGBANG appeared on the stage performing “BANG BANG BANG”. Despite that the concert began slightly later than the scheduled time, fans were still super hyped up and turned the stadium into a yellow ocean within seconds with their yellow crown glow sticks. ‘Tonight, such a beautiful night’, the intro lyrics of the second song – “Tonight” clearly explained how VIP felt on that night. The members then proceeded to the second rock zone stage for “Stupid Liar”. G-Dragon shouted to the crowd, “You ready to party? Now make some noise!”  Seungri then said, “Hello Malaysia, you guys ready? Enjoy the show tonight!”


After 3 dance hits, BIGBANG took us on a trip down memory lane by singing one of their iconic hits from their early debut days – Haru Haru (translate: Day by Day). I had goosebumps (in a good way) because almost everyone in the stadium was able to sing along to the song. BIGBANG continued heating up the stage with “Loser” and “Blue” before the first ment session.

The talk session was very interesting and all the fans had a great laugh during it. Taeyang said, “Malaysia, I’ve been waiting for a long time for us to meet again. Do you guys still remember the last time we met? Malaysia is one of my favourite cities in the world!” (We figured that he must have meant countries. We wouldn’t blame Youngbae, he was just too excited to meet the fans.) Maknae Seungri showed his love towards the country by screaming “I love this place K.L! Show me your energy!” He also playfully confessed, “I love Malaysian food, Malaysian weather and Malaysian ladies!”


Forget about the typical ways of greeting fans in Bahasa Melayu, vocalist Daesung which we believed could also be a part-time comedian got us all cracked up by complaining “Saya tak boleh nampak!” (Translation: I cannot see!) It was due to his signature thick fringe that had almost half of his face covered. He even lifted his fringe up for a few seconds to have a better view of the fans. The charismatic rapper T.O.P continued the talk and said, “We have many new songs for you. You like? You like? Kamu bagus?” (Translation: You good?) The charmer leader G-Dragon praised the fans when he mentioned, “We heard Malaysian VIP can sing really well. Can you guys sing along with us?” Of course the VIP wouldn’t say no to their leader Kwon. Hence, all the fans sang and moved along to the next song – “Bad Boy”.

IMG_8418We were hit by a huge wave of feels once again when the group started mesmerizing us with “If You” and “Lies”. Seungri took over the stage with his solo performance of “Strong Baby” and was later joined by G-Dragon and Taeyang for “Let’s Talk About Love”. Daesung impressed everyone with his powerful vocal when performing his solo track “Wings”. Fans were all left breathless when T.O.P showcased his incredible rapping skill for “Doom Dada” after Daesung’s solo. Taeyang’s solo “Eyes, Nose, Lips” brought the whole stadium together again by singing along with him. Before G-Dragon’s solo “Crooked”, he joined Taeyang on stage for their famous collaboration track “Good Boy”.


BIGBANG-Live-In-KL-2015-TianChad-8837The concert was followed by another new track from the MADE album – “Sober”. The song started off with Daesung’s solo drum performance. The second talk session took place after “Bae Bae” was sung. Taeyang explained that the word 찹쌀떡 (chap ssal ddeok) in “Bae Bae” meant rice cake and “BIGBANG and VIPs are perfect for each other like the sticky rice cake”. “I really really really love you guys!” T.O.P confessed his feelings while showing the heart sign with his fingers. Daesung, who was crowned as the sweetest talker of the night said, “I love you Malaysia, we love you. My mother loves you, of course my father loves you too. My family loves you guys!” Seungri made an impromptu song with lyrics “Oh Malaysia, I wanna kiss you, I wanna hug you~” When G-Dragon said it was almost time to say goodbye, Seungri screamed, “No! No! Get your crayon!” Making us all burst into laughter once again. It was also revealed by G-Dragon that he and T.O.P had just finished filming for the music video of their latest ‘E’ single on that morning.

BIGBANG-Live-In-KL-2015-TianChad-7709You wouldn’t call a BIGBANG concert ‘a BIGBANG concert’ without “Fantastic Baby”. When we thought it was already the end of the show, the members reappeared on stage with “We Like 2 Party” for the encore performance. The night finally came to an end after they made their thank you speech.

BIGBANG-Live-In-KL-2015-TianChad-7556P/S: The lighting and stage effect clearly explain why the MADE Tour was one of the costliest concerts that was ever held in Malaysia. It was by far the most beautiful stage we have ever witnessed.

Article by: Wenyi

Photographs by: IME Productions

KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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