Being 9 is what TWICE is at ‘TWICELIGHTS in Singapore’

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twice twicelights in singapore concert feature

TWICE, one of South Korea’s hottest girl groups, has finally returned to Singapore after their world tour just last year, “TWICELAND ZONE 2: “Fantasy Park” in Singapore”. For their third consecutive year here in Singapore, the girls have brought “‘TWICELIGHTS’ in Singapore” concert, which saw a whopping 10,000 of their loyal fans , ONCEs, each proudly raising their beautiful Candy Bong at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.  

Unfortunately, Mina, could not make it due to an unforeseen health condition. Nevertheless, fans worked even harder tonight to support the girls throughout and we wish her all the best for her recovery.

Known for their charms and stage presence, these girls did not disappoint one bit as they opened their stage powerfully with “Stuck in My Head” from their most recent album “Fancy You” which was released early this year. Accompanied by powerful fan chants that literally engulfed the venue, they also performed one of their hottest hits, “Cheer Up”. 

While fans were already swooning over the girls’ performances of “Yes or Yes”, “Dance the Night Away” and “Heart Shaker”, the amazing outfits and hairstyles they had on really amplified the excitement throughout the show.

twice twicelights in singapore concert feature 2

Special unit stages ONCEs never knew they needed

Despite coming to Singapore for 3 consecutive years for their concert, these girls never fail to up their game. Taking fans by surprise, Twice had three special unit performances prepared just for ‘TWICELIGHTs’ in Singapore. Announcing that this was the first time that they were performing as units, this only fueled the fans’ further. The units performed to Beyoncé’s “Dance for you”, Taemin’s “Goodbye” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”.

Although it was their first time performing as units, with a concept that we would have never expected from TWICE, each unit executed the songs to absolute perfection.

During the talk segment, the girls opened up to their fans on their preparation for their unit stages.

Sana, Tzuyu and Dahyun mentioned that their song was a concept that they hardly ever showcase to their audience. Worried that fans would be taken aback by this new concept, Dahyun was skeptical about it initially. However, it cannot be denied that this was a good kind of taken-aback moment. ONCEs would most definitely want to see more of such stages.

With the aim to present a cool unit stage for their fans, Jihyo was shocked when Momo appeared on stage with her two ponytails. This brought the entire stadium to break out in laughter and even more so when the two later held on to their ponytails and started a mini-headbanging session.

Last but not least, Chaeyoung explained that she chose the song, “Born This Way”, as it was exciting and cool, going well with their concept for ‘TWICELIGHTS’ in Singapore. 

While their talk segment was still ongoing, fans were already worried time was passing by too quickly and started chanting “Encore”. It was truly a cute, and hilarious moment as the girls had to ensure their fans that they still had a few more songs before their Encore stage.

Putting ONCEs to the ultimate test

As the girls went backstage, TWICE initiated a game segment with their ONCEs through an interactive video. ONCEs were put through 4 exciting and unique missions: Yes or Yes Knowledge Test, Heart Shaker ONCE Affection Test, Dance the Night Away ONCE Swag Test, Turn it Up Test and I Fancy You ONCE Cheering Test. The game proved itself true to its captivating name as fans got their second of fame on screen by dancing to TWICE songs or shouting fan-chants.

“TWICE will always be nine”

After performing their first encore song “Signal”, the fan-made VCR followed next. Both the girls and ONCEs were tearing up as they walked down memory lane watching showcased fan-cams from their past year concerts in Singapore and screens from TWICE TV in Singapore.

After the VCR, which even had a segment for Mina, the girls moved on to their ending segment.

Jihyo: We’re sorry that we came back after a year. I did not expect so many challenges to be on stage performing. As time goes by, I need to be stronger. Performing for ONCEs, I get a lot of energy. 

Dahyun: Today will be unforgettable for me. There’s a lot of regret but please wait for us to come back as 9.

Sana: We don’t know what is going to come along the way, but TWICE will always be by your side. I’m not sure when we will come back again but I hope everyone will remember us as 9-member TWICE. 

Nayeon: TWICE will always be nine.

Momo: Tonight, I realized the importance of every member, all nine of us.

Tzuyu: No matter what difficulties we face in the future, promise us you’ll be with the nine of us to overcome it together.

Chaeyoung: As much as all ONCEs miss Mina, all of TWICE misses her too. Being nine is what TWICE is.

Jeongyeon: We’ll make sure that we come back, nine of us.

Despite the emotional ending, the girls showed no signs of their sadness. They all delivered their explosive vocals to ‘Knock Knock’ and ‘Stuck’ while engaging with their ONCEs on stage. ‘TWICELIGHTS’ in Singapore concert swept us off our feet by the quality of production: Flashy lights, crisp audio and unique performances. This will definitely be one of the great times that walks into history. We hope the girls come back again next year, as nine.

Being 9 is what TWICE is at 'TWICELIGHTS in Singapore'

Photo Credit: Live Nation Singapore

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