Behind the Camera: Filipino-Korean Movie “You with Me” from struggle to success

[Photo: You With Me Facebook]

In this age of Korea’s Entertainment Industry, there are a lot of neighboring countries who continuously patronizes Korean music, films, and dramas and one of them is the Philippines. Filipinos are hooked in them so there’s no question about the high anticipation that local audience is giving to this upcoming collaboration starring one of the most-loved Filipina actress Devon Seron together with these two good-looking and talented Korean actors, Kim Hyun Woo and Jin Ju Hyeong.

As the filming goes, the fans get more enthusiastic for the movie when the casts and crew keep teasing them with still shots especially when they are in Korea. The photos being timely updated show how the differences of two countries couldn’t be a big hindrance for them to enjoy each other’s company.


[Photos: Shine Ricafort, Korean Production Staff]

Here’s a quick lookback to how and when it all started, Ms. Shine Ricafort, the Producer, shared us some of this movie’s history; it was not easy at all.

They start conceptualizing early this year and submitted an application to Korea and got accepted. For the actors, all of them auditioned and weren’t just handpicked by the production. They fit their characters so well that they even acted so natural and real on –screen making all of us think it wasn’t acting at all.

[Photo: You With Me Facebook]

“In Seoul, we were forced to practice our flexibility and patience, because we worked under the heat of the sun without the air-conditioned tents that we normally use in the Philippines. We had to understand each other through gestures and facial expressions more than using words. Every break time, we eat at restaurants but also along the streets too.” Ms. Shine Ricafort said.

Korean production works extremely different from Philippine productions, as well as other countries. But despite all these hardships they’ve gone through, it gave them a unique experience and learning while having fun. In spite of language barriers, principles, and cultural differences, they considered each and every one as a family and worked as one.

[Photo: Shine Ricafort]

You With Me” movie will be about a Filipina from a wealthy family with overprotective parents. This girl is named Kim, Devon’s Character. She had a friend who teaches English online to some foreigners and eventually it gave her an opportunity to escape. She goes to Seoul and meets a Korean businessman. His name is Jayson (Kim Hyun Woo’s character) who is preparing for a big deal with an American company.

Will it be a great adventure for Kim and Jayson? What will Jin Ju Hyeong’s character do with the story?

Let us see how will the story go by watching the movie that will be shown this September 27, 2017.

Meanwhile, set your alarm because they will be releasing the movie teaser tomorrow, July 31, 2017 at 6pm.

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