[COVERAGE] 3 Things We Wish Happened At BAP’s SG Stop

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[COVERAGE] 3 Things We Wish Happened At BAP's SG Stop

BAP has just concluded their Party Baby World Tour last Friday, with Singapore being their last stop. There was much fanfare about how this concert was going to be “party-like” with energizing music and hype. True enough, it lived up to its tour name and the boys did not disappoint.

Though, we wish we saw more of what we know could’ve made this an even more spectacular show.

1. More fan interaction

There was much pre-concert buzz about the fan event that was set to happen during the concert itself. BAP had released the dressing of their ideal types of girls and encouraged BABYz to dress according to how their favorite members would like to see them in. There was even going to be a special event for the best-dressed. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding on our part, but we assumed each member of BAP was going to select one BABY each based on their ideal types.

[COVERAGE] 3 Things We Wish Happened At BAP's SG Stop

Alas, it was only going to be one fan, picked from the crowd of endearing BABYz, which would be great if this fan dressed to fit as many ideal types as possible. However, the fan, who was hand-picked by Himchan, was selected because she spotted a similar hairstyle to another member.

Don’t get us wrong, we loved that she looked just like one of the boys. But, for a segment called Dress Code, we wished for a bigger event for the fans who prepared so much. We can only wonder how nice it’d be if all the members picked a fan dressed most similarly to their preferred style and prepare something special for them (“:

Side note, we totally love that this lucky fan was an energizer bunny and brought much laughter to everyone present in the theatre.

[COVERAGE] 3 Things We Wish Happened At BAP's SG Stop

2. Less glaring laser lights stage fog

If you were there during the concert, you would’ve known that the stage setup can only be described with one word: Flashy. Rows, after rows of colorful laser lights, were used to enhance the visual effect of the party-themed concert. The lights, coupled with the music, gave the theatre a club feel, and it kept the fans excited throughout. There were even multiple times a jet fog spray was pumped to turn up the heat. These stage effects were great, but would be greater if they didn’t hinder our view of the boys.

[COVERAGE] 3 Things We Wish Happened At BAP's SG Stop

Frankly speaking, it got rather difficult to see when BAP sang more of their dance songs. The laser lights were so strong it was hard to even look straight at the stage, and when the stage fog was used the members sadly disappeared behind it. We felt so bad as we watched the boys inhale a good 10 mins of the strong fog, soldiering through their performance. It must’ve been difficult to endure when it gets difficult to breathe. So kudos to them for fighting through it, for their concert and for their fans.

3. More MENTS and VCR

We just can’t get enough of seeing the chemistry blossom whenever the boys speak to the fans. Their silly attempts at Singlish (read: Jongup screaming “Walao eh! So excited to be here tonight!”) and taking digs at each other were so fun to watch. We wished we saw more of such bantering because these moments were few, to say the least.

Even during the fan segment, two members were backstage preparing. Only 4 members were present during this event, which was a bummer because we can only imagine the great chemistry if all the boys were on stage together.

[COVERAGE] 3 Things We Wish Happened At BAP's SG Stop

Transitions between songs were mostly only met with background music. We were really looking forward to some VCRs showing behind-the-scene footages of the boys preparing for the concert.

Although there were much we were hoping for, the boys of BAP nonetheless gave their best. With Singapore being the last stop of their tour, they burst onto stage with great energy and it was kept throughout the 2.5 hours. Solo or group songs alike, all of them gave their final shot to make this the best ending to their world tour. We’re thankful for that and can’t wait for their next comeback!

And as Youngjae puts it best: “We’ll love to be back very soon, since this is the last stop, we will miss you till then.”

We are waiting~

[COVERAGE] 3 Things We Wish Happened At BAP's SG Stop

KAvenyou would like to thank IME SG for the media invite.

For more images of the concert, click here.

For setlist, click here.

BABYz! Were you there at BAP’s Party Baby Singapore Boom concert world tour? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

Article by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou

Photography by: IME SG

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