BAP experiences Europe’s love once again in Paris

On May, 3rd, BAP started their Europe tour with a date in Paris. BAP and Europe seem to share a great love for each other. Here is a report of how KAvenyou also felt all this love while attending the show! 

First of all, BAP is a veteran group when it comes to performing in Europe. Having included Europe in their 2014 and 2016 world tours, they are currently meeting European fans for the 3rd time with their Party Baby tour. May 3rd was their 2nd time in Paris and french BABYz and fanbases organized themselves well to welcome the group back in the City of love.

Despite the heavy rain, fans started gathering the day before the concert. They prepared fanprojects including banners, rose-shapped lightsticks (a reference to BAP’s album, Rose), glowing make-up… And the weather didn’t deter them from following the “Party look” dress code that the members planned for.

To keep up with the party concept, B.Shoo opened the show with a DJ set. He managed to make the already-hyped-up crowd even more excited by the time BAP arrived on stage. More than just a simple opening, many BAP fans agreed upon the fact that he is truly part of the show. Which he later somewhat confirmed, coming back on stage for some of BAP’s performances.

BAP members express their talents the best when they’re on stage. Besides, they are known for their strong performances. So their concerts are always like a celebration. But the set list for this tour is particularly efficient. No Mercy, Hurricane, Skydive or Wake Me Up showcased the member’s powerful voices and dance moves. Dancing In The Rain, Do What I Fell, Carnival, That’s My Jam or Check On were perfect for the group and fans to party together.

Which is exactly what they did. The european crowds are always very energetic during concerts. They dance, cheer the members up, jump, sing along… With a concept like this tour’s, french BABYz could really show all their love to the members.

And this is not a one-sided love. Each time they had an opportunity to so, members proclaimed how much they loved and missed the french fans. They encouraged the cheers, couldn’t hide their smiles, and never stopped praising and thanking the fans. As much as BABYz came to show their love to BAP, BAP also came to show their love to BABYz.

When Yongguk, the group’s leader, said “I love you, and I respect you”, the whole venue vibrated of this unconditionnal respect and trust that only idols and fans who sticked together for years can experience.

BAP’s Europe tour is still going on, and here is where you can still catch them if you want to.

  •  Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt – May 5th 2017
  • Progresja, Warsaw – May 6th 2017
  • Barba Track, Budapest – May 7th 2017
  • Yota Space, Moscow – May 9th 2017

KAvenyou would like to thank Very Show for kindly inviting us to this event.

Article by Céline @ KAvenyou
Pictures : TS Entertainment and Very Show

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