Waking Up In Our Dream With BABYMONSTER At “See You There” First Singapore Fanmeet

Barely a few months into their official debut, BABYMONSTER, YG Entertainment’s newest girl group held a fanmeet at the The Star Theatre. Nicknamed as the “monster rookie” in the K-Pop industry, BABYMONSTER officially debuted this year with their EP “BABYMONS7ER” and has already worked with many big brands like Adidas, Pepsi and CNP.

Formed through YG Entertainment’s reality show “Last Evaluation”, the group has seven members, consisting of Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Rami, Rora and Chiquita. Greeting fans for the first time at their fanmeet [BABYMONSTER PRESENTS : SEE YOU THERE] tour, Singaporean fans were definitely lucky that the immensely popular girl group had a stop in Singapore. Other stops of the fanmeet tour include concert hotspots like Taipei, Jakarta, Tokyo and Bangkok.

The girls got the ball rolling at their Singapore fanmeet with their latest release “SHEESH”, to the deafening cheers of excited fans. We also spotted fan banners and painstakingly handmade signs everywhere in the crowd. With members from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, the septet communicated mainly in English, with the translator stepping in occasionally to translate a difficult phrase spoken in Korean.

During the game section, each member of BABYMONSTER picked one fan question to answer. Here, Chiquita stated that her favourite Disney princess was Mulan due to her bravery. Rami shared that the chilli crab they had for their first meal in Singapore was so shiok. The question card Ahyeon picked was for her to do a short cover of her favourite song and she stunned the crowd with her soulful rendition of Zac Efron and Zendaya’s “Rewrite the Stars”. Pharita divulged that a song that she recently listened to was “LUNCH” by Billie Eilish, stating that the singer’s album is so good. Ruka declared that the strongest in the team was Chiquita, who scores really well at the arcade punching machine games. Asa spoiled their next release, with the hint being “Let’s be together forever”. Rora shared that a world tour was on BABYMONSTER’s bucket list and Singapore was definitely on that list!

In between the game and talk sections, BABYMONSTER also gave splendid performances of their songs “Like That”, ”Batter Up” and “Stuck in the Middle”. The girls also included performances from their survival show “Last Evaluation”, like the song “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara as well as a mashup of songs by 2NE1, their senior girl group from the same company.

Fans were never left feeling bored as in between clothing changes and short breaks, there would also be videos being played on screen. For example, there was a Q&A video of the girls answering questions like ‘Who do you think is best at taking the prettiest photos’ and ‘Who is the member who most feels like the big sister’, with the answers being Asa and Rora respectively.

In a different game, BABYMONSTER worked with fans on a hilarious round of charades, with each member taking turns to add to the drawings and fans to guess what they represented. Memorably, there was a scene of Chiquita trying her best to cheat and mouthing the answer to confused fans at the front of the stage while Ahyeon was laughing breathlessly beside her.

Back to the music, the girls performed remixes of their songs as part of their encore and got the entire venue standing up and dancing with them. Although this was their first fanmeet and overseas tour activity here, these “monster rookies” lived up to their nickname as they hit the high notes with their perfect dance choreography. There was definitely no lack of fan interactions too as we spotted the girls taking selfies, playing games, interacting with fans every chance they could throughout the fan meet. Ahyeon also made sure the fanmeet was unforgettable to a lucky fan that day when she kissed a banner before giving it to them.

Through this fanmeet, Singaporean fans got to know BABYMONSTER better and surely would look forward to their next visit to Singapore and all their future releases!

Thank you Live Nation Singapore for the media invite to [BABYMONSTER PRESENTS : SEE YOU THERE] IN SINGAPORE!

Official Photos: YG Entertainment

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