B1A4's bright personality shines both off and on stage in Madrid


December 13th was a sunny day in Madrid. A day as bright as B1A4’s personality, as we could experience by ourselves when we met them just before their concert at Vistalegre. 

Early December, B1A4 have added a new page to their “Adventure”, with concerts in Helsinki, Berlin and Madrid. We made good use of the spring-like weather and sat down at a terrace with Gongchan, Sandeul, Jinyoung, Baro and C.NU to talk about their first European experience, their projects, and their wishes.

The exact content of the interview will be revealed later through a video. However, here are some facts that became very clear to us through the interview.

First of all, B1A4 have a very bright and friendly personnality. They arrived on the interview set with a bright smile and humming some tune,gave out a lot of smiles, and shared genuine laughters. 2015 has been a busy year with B1A4. They came back with Sweet Girl, toured the world, worked on individual projects (dramas, musicals, variety shows etc.).However it was hard to see any sign of tiredness, as all the members seemed really happy and excited with the Europe tour.

A second point is B1A4’s serious side when it comes to music and their responsibilities. Music is very important to them, and as they consider it a way of communicating with their fans, it seems they consider it a duty to get involved in creating their own music. They also told us that they feel a strong pride when they see their fans donating to charities. They are happy to see their fans doing charity projects they haven’t even thought of, proving a sense of duty towards less fortunate people.

Baro especially surprised us by saying his dream role for a future project would be one of a soldier, to be given a chance to protect and serve his own country. B1A4 members may still be young but they are definitely not light-headed!

B1A4 interview

The members also have a lot of imagination. When asked what kind of role they’d like to play, they all gave out a different answer, from rom-com (Jinyoung) to action (Sandeul) but with one thing in common : they definitely could see themselves playing the role already, even showing off some moves they could use. Also, as they called their tour “B1A4 Adventure”, we asked them were they’d like to go on an adventure. Even our planet isn’t wide enough for B1A4, as they wish to visit the moon or, even better, a moon made of cheese.

Until we discover such a moon though, it was time to head to Vistalegre, the venue where fans were really impatient to see B1A4 performing. As their Europe tour included three cities, fans from other countries (Greece, France, Portugal, Italy and more) also came to Spain for a chance to support the members. None of them regretted flying to Madrid, as seeing B1A4 is a feast for the fans’ eyes and ears. As many would expect from a group with an image as cute as theirs, B1A4 could be crown “Kings of fan-service”, especially on their iconic songs like “OK”, “Solo Day” or “Beautiful Target”. They give eye contacts, send hearts and throw roses into the crowd.

Jinyoung and Sandeul in Madrid

However, what was more awe-inspiring was the way B1A4 make their songs alive on stage. For example, titles like “What’s happening?” or “Baby Goodnight” have been performed with stronger beats than what you can hear on the studio recording. While those songs are known for a mainly cute concept, the live version have something of a “rock” feeling that perfectly matched the fan’s wish to party hard with the boys. B1A4 are the kind of performers who know how to make you feel like the fans and artists are both involved in creating a special memory.

The members said their wishes for 2016 were to produce even more and better songs, and promised to be back soon in Europe. KAvenyou is definitely looking forward to it!

We’d like to thank Kinetic Vibe for inviting us to the concert, and B1A4 for taking the time to answer our question.

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