B1A4 just wanna spend some time with BANA at KStar FanFest #KSTARFF


The second and the final night of the KStar FanFest welcomed B1A4 back in Singapore to perform for the third time, after their last visit here 2 years ago. Of course, the excited screams from mainly fanboys in the crowd the day before were replaced with the passionate cheering from BANAs. Day 2 of KStar FanFest officially began with B1A4 performing their debut song, O.K, as they appeared on stage with matching navy striped ensemble.

After zooming into BANAs’ hearts with Beautiful Target, the members of B1A4, consisting of Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan introduced themselves and greeted everyone present. As it has been a while since B1A4 last visited Singapore, they hoped to enjoy themselves this time round. Up next was Lonely, where the members performed their sexy scarf dance followed by If… as they moved to the front of the stage to perform, cueing screams from their excited fans.


BANAs got to know their favourite boys better as B1A4 sat down for a Q&A session. Despite being B1A4’s third time in Singapore, the members still really wanted to visit landmarks such as Sentosa, the Singapore Flyer and to watch fireworks from Marina Bay. When asked by a fan about their ideal location for a date, they cheekily replied Singapore, adding that they can have chilli crab for lunch and visit Universal Studios Singapore together. B1A4’s most memorable moment in 2014 is embarking on their Road Trip world tour, although it is a pity that Singapore was not selected as one of the stops.


B1A4 members pitted against one another as they were separated into teams to play a telepathy game, with Baro and CNU in one team, Sandeul and Gongchan in another, and Jinyoung being the judge (although he was swapped out later after complains from his group members!). The most memorable moments were when Baro and CNU were asked to choose between Girl’s Day and A Pink, they both answered BANA in unison – and when Gongchan and Sandeul were asked to select between Yoona and Taeyeon, their answers were very much predictable as well.


Lucky BANAs were personally selected by the B1A4 members on stage to pair up with them to play charades, where the boys acted out questions from various themes (food, sports, idols, animals, fruits) for the fans to guess. Sandeul definitely wow-ed the crowd present as he performed various signature dance moves from idol groups for the fan to guess. Of course, the fans did not leave the stage empty-handed as they received gifts from the members personally.

After a short VCR clip, B1A4 returned to stage to perform Pretty, but along with a lucky BANA this time round! Not only was the fan serenaded by the members surrounding her, she also received a teddy bear and roses from the boys. Listening to the boys’ cue, BANAs stood up excitedly as B1A4 performed their latest song, Solo Day followed by A Glass of Water.


As it was leader Jinyoung’s birthday a few days before the event, Singapore BANAs decided to throw a surprise birthday event right here in Singapore as well. After watching a VCR made by local BANAs, a cute fondant cake was brought out and everyone sang him the birthday song, as he blew out the candles. The atmosphere turned into a touching one as each member said a heartfelt message to their beloved leader, who was moved by the fans’ and his members’ gestures.


After the heartwarming moment, B1A4 continues to perform on stage, belting out fan favourites like What’s Happening and Baby Goodnight, and of course not forgetting their signature sprout dance! For You Are My Girl, Baro came armed with a polaroid camera as BANAs got to take selcas with him and the other members joined in the fun as well, leaving the stage to take selcas with BANAs. The night ended with an encore performance of In The Air, as B1A4 asked BANAs to “put their hands in the air” along with them one last time.


For the VIP pass holders, they got to go on stage to meet their idols in close proximity and high-five them after the concert. The final night of KStar FanFest definitely ended on a high note for the concert-goers who left with goodie bags and many freebies or merchandise obtained at the various Korea Festival booths, who also probably dreamt of the boys singing “Baby Goodnight” to them that night.

KAvenyou would like to thank Advocate for the invitation to cover KStar FanFest in Singapore 2014.

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