ATEEZ takes Europe by storm and raids on Paris for their biggest concert yet.

Ateez in Paris
Photo credit : @Accor_Arena

ATEEZ, who’s become a major figure of the K-Pop scene over the past 3 years, embarked on an adventure to Europe with « The Fellowship: Beginning of the End ». The pirates of K-Pop sold out their concert at Paris’ AccorHotels Arena on May, 4th. It became the group’s biggest concert to date, with approximately 20 000 people attending. The least we can say is European fans were on the deck, ready and willing to surrender to the attack. 

And the assault started from the first notes of the concert. The 8 members started the concert with Wonderland. The song’s lyrics are clear: they came to find a new world to be theirs. Coming with a sword and bows, they conquered and raised the black jack over Atiny’s (fandom name) hearts.

The staging was that of major performers and helped diving into ATEEZ’ concept and story-telling. Surrounded by mirrors during Take Me Home, the group showed a poetic side that contrasted with their more powerful songs. San especially shone through this performance as he opened it alone with contemporary dance moves.

The tracklist proves the group’s versatility and lets every member shine. While there is no solo performance, the songs include parts that perfectly fits each member’s strength. Besides, the group perfectly knows how to adapt their performances to the crowd, letting them sing and clearly knowing which songs get their fans the wildest. During The Real, Yunho even managed to perfectly sneak in a « Ici c’est Paris » shout, a catchphrase used by Paris’ main soccer club (Paris Saint Germain) fans.

Hongjoong’s position as a Captain was seen not only as the leader of ATEEZ, but also because of his caring words towards fans. From tucking his members’ shirts back into their pants to reminding fans to stay safe, he’s someone who sweetly shows his affection towards people.

During ments, the members’ playful side showed. The group was here to make memories with Atiny. Mingi’s little rap « Starting from the front, all the way to the back » especially entertained fans. Likewise, as the audience started stomping on the ground, the members reacted as if the ground was shaking and they couldn’t stand still.

Around the middle of the show, Maddox, who’s a KQ Entertainment solo artist, took over the stage for two songs. He covered Easy on My (Adele) and sang his own song Lamp. While his presence on this tour hasn’t been officially announced, Atiny have started to look forward to it. The artist’s angelic voice even had him trending on Twitter in France after the show was over.

Photo credit @Accor_Arena

Unfortunately, there’s no stopping the hourglass and the show had to come to an end. Before the Encore, a VCR showed the members talking about their stage experience, their cancelled Europe tour in 2020, and finally getting to perform in front of European fans for the second time.

The members expressed their gratefulness towards fans who waited for them for a long time, even though they had to wait without a deadline. And for their last ment, Wooyoung added that it’s not natural to give love to someone while you’re busy living your own life so he’s thankful towards fans who love them.

Seonghwa specifically was the most emotional member. He shed tears while promising fans that he’ll keep working to show a good side of him to fans.

When ATEEZ first came to Paris in 2019, they were still rookies. Three years later, they’re showing the world how much they grew. Dead men tell no tales, but fans who survived the night will talk about it for a long time.

We’d like to thank MyMjusicTaste and KQ Entertainment for having us at the concert. If you’d like to see Ateez live, don’t forget to register a make on

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