[ART] ‘Cheese In The Trap’ casts drawn into life-like watercolor portraits by Korean artist Kim Sun-woo

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South Korea – K-drama “Cheese In The Trap (치즈인더트랩)” was quite a big hit not just in Korea but all over Asia for all we know! Starring Park Hae-jin, Kim Go-eun and Seo Kang-joon along with Lee Sung-kyung, Park Min-ji and Nam Joo-hyuk, the 16-episodes series concluded recently with a rather controversial ending. That aside, we found a hidden gem amidst all the Cheese In The Trap hype!

In today’s feature, KAvenyou introduces a Korean watercolor artist Kim Sun-woo (김선우). With over 2000 followers on Instagram by the username @outsidecloud, the watercolor portrait of Seo Kang-joon remarkably garnered almost 2000 likes. Read on to find out more about the talented watercolor artist!

CITT main

Q. Hi, please tell us more about yourself.

A: Hello! I’m Kim Sun Woo, an art student who aspires to be a watercolour artist. I have been drawing oil paintings while going to art college and after graduation. I started working as an instructor in a private academy but I was feeling doubtful somehow. So I moved on to focus more on art and I entered art college to work on watercolour paintings. In addition, I am drawing watercolour portraits like Cheese In The Trap.

Q. When did you start to draw? 

A: I started drawing when I was 19-year-old. In fact, I unexpectedly took an entrance exam for a private art academy. It started from there. Without realising, it has already been 12 years.

Q. Your drawings of the Cheese In The Trap actors are really good. What feedback have you received from people who have seen the drawings?

A: Firstly, I received the most comments about the portrait drawings resembling real people. Also, many who feedbacked expressed their liking in the characteristic feel or colour sense of watercolour painting. Especially for drawings of male actors, the popularity is really high.

CITT sub

Q. Are you a fan of ‘Cheese in The Trap’? If so, who do you want Hong-seol to date with in the end?

A: I am a big fan! I have read the webtoon too and by the looks of it, I think that Hong-seol and Yoo-jung will not end up together!

Note: The interview was done before the last episode of the drama was aired. Spot on!

Q. Did any of the celebrities whom you have drawn noticed your work and responded to you on SNS?

A: Yes, there is. Park Min Ji who played the role of Bora (in Cheese In The Trap) liked my photos and even followed me on Instagram, which was an honour. In the future, besides consistently drawing watercolour drawings of celebrities, I’m thinking of posting personal artwork alongside as well.


Apart from the ‘Cheese In The Trap’ actors, Kim Sun-woo’s past artworks featured many of the iconic celebrities in the K-POP industry such as G-Dragon, EXID’s Hani, AOA’s Seol-hyun, Ji Chang-wook and Prof. Do (Kim Soo-hyun we mean). There’s also an artwork featuring the three of the most-important-man behind the success of K-pop industry.

We are amazed by all the details of Kim Sun-woo’s watercolor portraits, way too realistic that it felt just like a photograph being watercolor-fied. But no, they were all hand-painted by Kim Sun-woo. That’s some mad skills, isn’t it?

Since “The Descendants of The Sun” is another hot drama on the list, we wonder if Kim Sun-woo will be drawing them next? Wouldn’t you like to see his artwork featuring Song Joongki, Song Hye-kyo, SHINee’s Onew and many more eye-catching actors?


Are there any watercolor artists that could paint life-like portraits like Kim Sun-woo? Tell us in the comments section below!

Special thanks to Kim Sun-woo for the interview!

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Translations by Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou

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