Amber Liu Promises “NO MORE SAD SONGS” in Singapore!

“No more sad songs in the house!”, Amber Liu says as she returns to Singapore with her first ever concert here, which title coincides with her latest album, [No More Sad Songs]. With an introductory video sharing her love for music, Amber takes the stage with ‘Easier’ as she proves herself full of euphoria for her fans.

“Music is everything to me. It makes me feel complete euphoria on stage whenever I am singing on stage.”

Amber continues to show off her endless energy and hype as she performs “Stay Calm”, “Hands Behind My Back”, and even a glimpse of a sexy dance with “Dusk till Dawn”.

It is not difficult to tell how strong her relationship is with her fans, as she was able to comfortably converse with them through her quirky remarks in between her performances. “You may be a little crazy, or a little weird, but most importantly”, Amber declares, “when you are here, you have to be yourself!” This rule seems to be something she mentions in her concerts.

As it has been a long time since she returned to Singapore, and with this being the last leg of her Asia tour, Amber also remarks on how much she loves the heat and humidity of Singapore, and how much she wishes to return here more frequently.

After a mini ‘sexy water time’, Amber takes the stage once again with “Curiosity”, “Neon”, “ILY” and a smooth transition to “Make it Better”. Moving on to her next songs “Three Million Years” and “I Love Somebody”, Amber introduces her ‘emotional support guitarist’, Sam, whom she depends on as she ‘cringes every time she sings this song’. Nevertheless, she expresses her gratitude to fans who often use her songs in their weddings.

Two lucky fans who previously purchased Amber’s album or vinyl earlier in the day were presented with a limited edition, not for sale Amber Liu x Lululemon Hoodie. Amber shows off her love for her fans once again as she presents another surprise- she performs two unreleased demos, “Laser Tag” and “Taste of You (Acoustic Ver.)”. The mood turns melancholic as Amber reminisces on her past where she often asks herself why she was able to release songs.

“I use music as a means to write down things I’m unable to say. It reminds me of growth, and me growing with my fans. No matter what happens, always remember that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Despite feeling emotional over her music journey, Amber remains proud of herself for going on and never giving up, thanking her fans for keeping her moving. The show continues on with “Lately”, “Numb”, “Hate Myself” and “Can’t Go Yet”.

As the show reaches its end, Amber brought with her her title song “No More Sad Songs”, as well as “Don’t Dance”, “Countdown”, “Other People”, proving her never-ending energy as she invites her fans to dance along with her. The 1.5-hour show ends with an encore of “Shake that Brass” and “Paradise”. Fans surprised Amber with a banner fan project, holding up their banners showing off the words ‘You are my Paradise’,  thanking her for being their paradise.

Article: Jiayu @ KAvenyou
Official Photos: Live Nation Singapore

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