5 reasons sci-fi action thriller drama “Alice” is captivating viewers

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The new sci-fi action thriller “Alice”, starring Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun, has been firing up ratings since its premiere. It was the most-watched drama in its timeslot among all public broadcast channels in the first two weeks of its run. Apart from its intriguing plot centred on time travel in the year 2050, it’s also well produced and bolstered by great acting from the cast. As the plot thickens and the characters shuttle between different time periods, things are set to get even more exciting. Read on to find out why “Alice” is a must-watch!

1) The compelling time-travel plot

Based loosely on the famous novel Alice in Wonderland, where falling through a rabbit hole leads one to a fantasy world, this drama sees time travellers from the future visiting the present through a mysterious hotel called “Alice”.

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) and her partner were sent back to 1992 on a mission, during which she finds out she is pregnant. She decides to stay behind on her own to raise her son, whilst changing her name to Park Sun Young. In 2010, Sun Young is murdered, leaving Jin Gyeom to fend for himself. Ten years on, while Jin Gyeom chases down the culprit behind his mother’s death, he comes face to face with a woman who looks exactly like her – genius physicist Yoon Tae Yi.

2) The thrilling, action-packed scenes

In addition to its exciting storyline, the amount of action in this drama does not disappoint. Steering away from the usual rom-com genre, viewers are taken through a whirlwind of action and emotions from the get-go, with one of the drama’s opening scenes being a gripping fight for a prized book containing a prophecy. Another exhilarating scene involves a car chase, where Jim Gyeom tries to stop the time travellers from returning to the future.

3) The outstanding production

Ever wondered what the future may look like? Well, kudos to the production team for putting together a stunning depiction of it. From futuristic buildings to advanced weaponry, along with the smooth CGI scenes, the overall production and cinematography were simply immaculate. It ticks all the boxes of a sci-fi, fantasy drama!

4) The brilliant cast performances

Veteran actress Kim Hee Sun brings magic to the screen with her portrayal of not just one but two roles in this drama, seamlessly switching between playing the smart, high-handed physicist Yoon Tae Yi and the loving mother, Park Sun Young. Her co-star, Joo Won, shines equally in his role as detective Park Jin Gyeom. Even though his character is emotionless at heart, Joo Won makes Jin Gyeom’s humorous and emotional scenes convincing and impactful. While Alice is very much a sci-fi drama, the characters’ motives are driven largely by human relationships, promising viewers many well executed emotional scenes.

5) The mesmerising OST

The sweeping soundtrack complements the scenes perfectly, adding to the film-like quality of the drama. The drama’s first OST, “Secret” (feat. ISHXRK), is a dark and emotional song that showcases GFRIEND member Yuju’s soulful vocals. It was aptly featured in a poignant scene involving a fateful meeting between Jin Gyeom and a lady resembling his mother. Another OST that is capturing the hearts of viewers is Ben’s “Whenever Wherever Whatever”, a stirring track that follows the drama’s theme closely: one’s heart and feelings remaining unchanged across time and space.

“Alice” is now available on Viu, with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, 8 hours after Korea! 

Image credits: Viu

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