[EXCLUSIVE] Akdong Musician’s First Visit to Singapore!


For the first time since their debut, Akdong Musician has put a stop here in Singapore for their concert AKMU Studio.

Prior to the concert, we had the opportunity to sit down with the pair, dubbed as Korea’s National Siblings, in a short light-hearted crossfire session. Here’s what we found out:

  1. Where in Singapore would you like to visit and what foods would you like to try?

Suhyun: I want to try Chilli Crab because I heard that it’s very famous here in Singapore and if possible after the schedule ends, I would be very excited to visit Universal Studios Singapore.

Chanhyuk: Now that I have more opportunities to travel overseas to perform, I want to different cultures in each country. In Singapore, I want to try Bak Kut Teh. I’m currently staying on the 32nd floor (of this hotel) and when I viewed the scenery from up there, I realised there are a lot of structures and facilities. I see their beautiful rooftops and would love to go on a rooftop tour of them.


2. To Chanhyuk, do you have a driving license? If yes, where would you like to drive to? If not, would you like to get one? 

Chanhyuk: In Korea, you can get a driving license before you hit the legal age. My mother had her driving license but she didn’t drive much, so we bought a cheap budget car together. For me, the car insurance was quite expensive and my mom drives it most of the time. If I get to drive, anywhere is fine with me.


3. What is your favourite go-to Korean snack?

Suhyun: I don’t get to eat this dish very often, because it’s really spicy, it’s Spicy Ddeokbokki, Yupki Ddeokbokki in particular.

Chanhyuk: I love ramyeon! When I run out of ramyeon, I get very very anxious.


So there you have it! 3 new facts about the lovely Akdong Musician. Want to find out more about their first ever concert, AKMU Studio in Singapore? Stay tuned to this page to find out more!

KAvenyou would like to thank IME Asia for the invite!

Check out KAvenyou’s exclusive greetings from Akdong Musician!


Article by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou

Photography  by: Xiaosi @ KAvenyou


KAvenyou: Singapore to Korea – Music, Wanderlust, Foodie, Lifestyle.

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