A Warm Interview and Friendly Press Conference Lukie Beat 2014

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Jakarta 18 January 2014. Lunafly and LC9 are in Indonesia for their concert “Lukie Beat 2014” presented by JungleLand and promoted by SH Entertainment. A day before the concert, they held a press conference and a fansigning event for their fans.

Ice Pallace Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta is the venue for this press conference. Unfortunately, Lunafly’s Sam could not attend the press conference due to his health issue. LC9 also missed one member, Rasa is on his military service back in South Korea.
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LC9 and Lunafly went to the stage and bombardired the press conference with some popular Indonesian phrases and even some other Indonesian dialect. “Kumaha damang”, said Eden which means “How are you?”

Lunafly-LC9 (17)In this concert, LC9 and LUNAFLY will have a special performance, singing indonesian song, “Inikah Cinta” by Kahitna. They said that they have prepared a surprise for their fans in the concert.

Lunafly-LC9 (14)After the press conference, there are a fansigning session. Both Lunafly and LC9 sign fans’ goods. Some brought posters, CD, even gadgets and passports. Yes passports.


An hour before the press conference, KAvenyou got a chance for a personal interview with LC9 and Lunafly. And here are the summary of our interview.

LC9’s Interview

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1.King and Eden make a promise that If one of you don’t get married before 40, you have to give each other USD 5,000.  Is the promise still on?
Eden: Haha. Yes it is still on between us to give each other USD 5.000 if on of us don’t get married before 40. Well, how do you think? Did I make it before 40 or not?
KAvenyou: I think you’ll get married before 40.
Eden: Haha of course I am!

2. How’s you guys relationship w/ lunafly outside the stage?
King: ah~ Teo and I are always fight. we’re rival! haha.
Eden: King’s means is they’re a rival in a good way since we always joke with each other. We really respect that Lunafly is our Sunbae (Senior).

Lunafly-LC9 (1)3. Will you guys comeback here again?
Eden: Of course we will if there’s an opportunity to comeback.
AO: of course we will.. please call me!^^
KAvenyou: oh okay, so can I call you then?
King: Oh yes yes.. write down (the number) *joking*

4. Are you guys prepare for comeback?
Our new single will come out soon but since our CEO is so picky about the song, so it’s still on progress.

Lunafly-LC9 (3)5. Any words to indonesian fans?
This is our 1st time in indonesia, so it’s a really good opportunity because we finally got to show to indonesian fans so it feels really good and hope tomorrow many peoples will show up at the concert and thank you to indonesian fans!

LUNAFLYs Interview

Lunafly-LC9 (5)

1. This is your 2nd time in indonesia so how was it?
Teo: It’s really good to be back and tomorrow, please expect (a lot at) our concert!

2. How’ your relationship with LC9 outside the stage? and before, King said that he’s and Teo is sometimes to fight each other (joking).
Yun&Teo: Our relationship is fmily and friends. brothers. yes,
Translator: Teo is King’s senior and there’s no need competition with him. (teo suddenly yell where’s king’s father, since king’s father is there too).
Teo: we’re rival haha

Lunafly-LC9 (7)

3. What’s your inspiration when you write a music?
Teo: No lonely life influence our music. examples at our song called “How Nice Would It Be”, we are lonely. Yun: lonely artist.
Translator: so it’s like they’re pretend that their hopes and all the things that they want to do with a girl they like.

Lunafly-LC9 (8)Since Yun brought a guitar together with him, so we asked Yun and Teo to singi Maroon 5 – Payphone to close the interview. It was a warm chat with both Lunafly and LC9. The concert will be held tonight (19 January 2014). Are you excited?

Article/Photo : Fanie & Arien @ KAvenyou

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