5 Karaoke Hits That Appears in every Asian Music Fan’s List

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Recent hit Taiwanese film, Our Times, did it again by differentiating itself with one of the most viral songs this month. Hebe Tian’s A Little Happiness has been covered by various people all over Youtube, and is the latest song to make it on to our must sing Karaoke list!

It definitely took me back to wonder what I would have lined up in my karoke repertoire a few years back. This brought back the feels as songs that are old, but gold (not old, but old enough in today’s music industry at least.)

1. Jay Chou – Any Song

Every remotely chinese person in this region who loves singing K will definitely know the King of C-pop and ballads. Chinese is a much more emotional language, as we have proved time and time again, and Jay Chou a load of hits under his belt. You can take your pick of love songs, love songs, or love songs.

Our favourite is of course Silence (An Jing)


2. Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

One of their biggest hits, even Korean fans know of this Fantastic Baby. Perfect to be played to an audience, or in a club, this song has such a catchy beat (especially the catchphrase – BOOM SHAKALAKA). DJ Ghetto, resident DJ of Zouk has been known to end his Wednesday night sets with this song. Its okay if you don’t know any of the lyrics to the verse because the main point is the chorus. Wow, fantastic baby!


3. Alex To – Tuo Diao

From laughing to embarrassed faces, this song carefully captures the essence of boys during summer time. This song is the soundtrack to many a primary school, with students singing it up and down, be it for fun or to taunt someone else. If the lyrics don’t make you laugh, the MV and visuals will.

Any fans of DJ Doc? Apparently this song got its roots from Run To You.

4. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry / Wonder Girls – Nobody

I couldn’t decide between these two songs that catapulted the Hallyu wave to where it is today. These two songs alerted the world of the little island in Asia producing all these good songs. With easy to memories lyrics plus cute dance actions, these two songs are both easy to sing to or move your body to!

5. JJ Lin – Cao Cao

Named after one of the biggest Chinese warlord in the Han Dynasty, this epic song is known to Singaporeans. The lyrics might not make any sense, but you feel this incredible sense of power when belting out the lyrics in front of the screen.


Well, after listening to all these songs, I just want to hop back to that little singing studio! Tell us what song you have to sing during a trip to the karaoke.

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