Korean couple pose ideas for 4-cut photos

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Korean couple pose ideas for 4-cut photos

If you’ve been to Korea, you’ll surely come across photo booths that print 4-cut photo strips, especially in areas where Korean teens frequent such as Hongdae. One famous chain is 인생네컷 (literal translation: life 4-cut) where they brand themselves as a self studio, and they can be found around most Korea cities.

These 4-cut photo strips are also a must-do for Korean couples, and they have perfected the art of nailing those shots with these creative poses. Let’s learn a few tips from the pros, so you and your oppa won’t be lost when the countdown timer starts!

1) 4-Heart Pose

Prepare as many different heart poses that you can think of within the countdown timer of the photobooth! Or just memorise the following poses below:

2) Girl Meets Guy Pose

For this, the girl will be only be appearing on one photo strip, while the guy will enter the last frame of the girl’s photo strip to signify that he has entered her life. Aww~

3) L-O-V-E Pose

Appear in alternate frames with your other half to create the word LOVE using your hands (bonus: prepare letter props that spell out L-O-V-E)!

4) Girl Teasing Guy Pose

The concept is similar to #2, but in this case the girl will be doing some actions to tease the guy to come over to her ‘side’. Brownie points if the last frame ends with a kiss ?

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5) Couple Looking at Each Other Pose

The first 2 frames will be each of the couple respectively, one looking down and another looking up at each other, from opposite directions. Be sure to coordinate the angles properly, else the photo result may end up weird!

Korean couple pose ideas for 4-cut photos
Photo credits: 1sun99set6

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