24K leaves Europe with noticeable success

As 2017 had barely begun, 24K landed in Europe for a tour that felt like New Year’s wishes to both artists and fans.
KAvenyou attended the last date of the tour, in Paris, to share with you the excitement and fun of a 24K performance.

24K is a korean group who debuted in 2012 with a concept that mainly focuses on performances. The group has two sub-units, “2K” which is made of the two main dancers of the group and “4K”, the four vocalists.
Dance and vocals : these two words are an accurate sum-up for 24K.

24K in Paris

24K’s performances are powerful.

Ever since their 2012 debut, they have focused on dances and vocals. Their choreo are on point and express the songs well. During special stages, the group’s main dancers displayed all their talents with strong moves and a seemingly never-ending energy .

Most of 24K’s songs are upbeat and have techno influences. However, this doesn’t prevent the vocal line from displaying their talent with a stable voice. Even when he got emotional, Cory, the group’s leader, used his voice to convey his feelings. He sang a few lines of “All of me” (by John Legend) to thank 24Us, their fans, for their support. Maybe because Cory is very involved in composing the group’s music, their songs are a perfect fit for them. While attending their concert, you definitely get into the performance, whether you are actually a fan of them or not.

A noticeable success in Europe

That is probably what brought the European fans to the 8 concerts of this Europe tour organised by Kinetic Vibe.
Though 24K doesn’t usually fall into the “frontrunners of the hallyu wave” category, their Europe tour has been very successful.
In terms of ticket sales, they pretty much sold 7 of their 8 shows out. It is just as good, if not better, as other groups with more international experience under their belt.

In terms of supports, fans from each stop worked hard to make the members feel loved and welcomed. Banners, birthday cakes, fanchants, lightsticks, flashmobs, video messages, special fanarts… The members definitely brought special memories back home. Including this handmade item that french fans ordered as a collective gift.


European fans do follow the trends and share everyone’s love for mainstream groups. However, they also tend to look, once in a while, for stronger beats and more diverse influences. 24K are like that, with the little “extra point” that always makes a live experience very special.

They have an easiness to communicate with the fans. They create special events for them, such as a small dancing contest. What appears sometimes as basic fanservice felt this time like precious and heartfelt smiles and hearts. And despite Cory’s english skills (he lived in the US), the members make sure to not let him do all the communication.

24K in Europe

As Paris was the last date of an exciting tour, the group used this opportunity to thank all the european fans and promised to work harder with their new come-back. The member will surely use the cheers they received as a stepping-stone towards their new image as international idols.

We would like to thank Kinetic Vibe for welcoming us in Paris.
Article and pictures : Céline

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