[2017 REVIEW] End of the road for iconic female groups

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2017 marks the end of an illustrious career as a group for various iconic female groups


1. Wonder Girls

[2017 REVIEW] End of the road for iconic female groups
(Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment)

Wonder Girls has gone through an illustrious career of their own, from being one of the most iconic female group to one struggling with finding their own positioning. The groups never quite felt the same after the multiple rounds of member changes, since they made the top of international charts with “Nobody”.


[2017 REVIEW] End of the road for iconic female groups

SISTAR will always be one to surprise us, because they made their debut at a time where competition was the strongest. The roughed through the difficult start, and slowly crept their way to the top as an iconic female group; with their very popular summer releases every year. However, their difference in career directions was almost clearly torn between acting and singing.

3. 2NE1

[2017 REVIEW] End of the road for iconic female groups

Having an attitude always makes the charts, and 2NE1 like their peers in Big Bang thrived on that hip hop “attitude”. Great music and talent within the group, but popularity of members amongst fans were quite contrasting. We will never truly know what transpired for such an iconic female group to go down the route of disbandment.

4. Miss A


We never really knew how did miss A rise all the way to the top, but everything happened quite quickly. Music was full of hits and misses, but something just seem to click in this. The dynamics (or lack thereof) within the group was always interesting, which probably led to the disbandment.

The Korean Pop industry was always going to be rotating, with fans moving from one group to another. 2017 seems to be one of those years where many top groups went into the shadows, while the new rise in the form of groups like TWICE, BTS, Wanna One, Red Velvet, GOT7, and many more whom we may have missed (don’t flame us for that).

As much as only a couple have disbanded, many more probably were not far off with long contracts ending; and members leaving quietly.

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