[Wanderlust Wednesday] Double Your Joy with These Top 2-in-1 Winter Adventures in Korea!

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Winter is in full swing in South Korea with temperatures dropping into the negatives and people bundling up under multiple layers of clothes in an attempt to stay warm. Don’t fear, though!

Korea is actually really magical during the winter and is full of places that are like a winter wonderland, offering plenty of fun for everyone. Skiing and snowboarding are popular activities among Koreans, so why not try them out?

You can also double your joy and check out these popular travel destinations that are located within close proximity of the resorts!

  1. Nami Island & Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort

Location: Chuncheon

If you’ve seen or heard of the famous Korean drama that sparked the Hallyu craze called “Winter Sonata”, you’ll probably be familiar with this destination. Nami Island is a half moon-shaped isle near Seoul that is beautifully scenic any time of the year.

This winter, Nami Island offers varieties of things to see and enjoy under the theme of “Ice and Snowmen.” You’ll find a statue of The Little Mermaid in a Santa outfit, snowmen dressed in traditional outfits from all over the world warming their hands against the campfire, slides made of ice and huge ice sculptures! You can even buy bread, souvenirs and chocolate that are snowman themed! Talk about a winter wonderland!

The Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is also located nearby so why not sightsee and ski in one day with this package? It’s the closest to Seoul among the ski resorts in Gangwon-do, making it a very convenient location, and many of its slopes are catered to beginners.

  1. Yongpyong Ski Resort & Pyeongchang Trout Festival

Location: Gangwon-do

With over 20 slopes, a waterpark and many other fun activities to enjoy, Yongpyong Ski Resort is perfect for people of all ages since there’s something for everyone to enjoy. It’s also the official venue for the Alpine Skiing event at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics!

Near Yongpyong Ski Resort, one of Korea’s top 3 winter festivals, Pyeongchang Trout Festival will be held until the end of January. At this festival, you can reel in some trout and also partake in programs like snowflake watching, ice sledding, ice skating and more! If you’re feeling super brave, try fishing for trout with your bare hands for a chilling and mind-numbing experience! Enjoy both skiing and the festival by signing up a tour here.

  1. Bears Town Ski Resort & Pocheon Herb Island

Location: Pocheon

Located only 50 minutes away from Seoul, the Bears Town Ski Resort is a great place to head to when you want to enjoy a quick dose of skiing. There are 11 slopes including one officially approved by the International Ski Federation.

Enjoy skiing at the Bears Town Ski Resort during the day and then head to the beautiful botanical garden that is Herb Island, which is decorated with various themes such as French, Venetian, Santa Village and more. From November to April, the whole garden transforms into a glowing fantasyland for the Light & Fairy Tale Story Festival so don’t miss out! If you want to visit both destinations in one day, check out this tour and save your spots today!

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Photos by:

Yongpyong Ski Resort

Pyeongchang Trout Festival

Bears Town Ski Resort

Pocheon Herb Island

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