What if a dead person read your message?

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What if a dead person read your message?

When various messaging apps introduced the function of read receipts, it took the world by storm. While some liked that it helps inform them that the message has been read and received, a handful felt that their privacy was infringed. Or worse –– when you send across an important message and you receive a bluetick without a reply.


This collaboration between Toggle and ViuTV brings that feature to the next level. We can all get bluetick-ed by a living person, but can we get bluetick-ed by the dead?


Boasting a suspenseful plot and a star-studded line-up, the cast has travelled to places across Singapore, Hong Kong and multiple parts of China to give viewers a fresh sight in addition to the fresh plot.


In the midst of their busy filming schedule, KAvenyou managed to sit down with Bonde Sham (HK), Wong You Nam (HK), Desmond Tan (SG) and Ya Hui (SG) for a laughter-filled interview.


What if a dead person read your message?

Ya Hui and Bonde casually admitted that the first things they thought each other was how to curse in each other’s language, showing off their camaraderie off and on screen. While Ya Hui feels like her character in the show is pretty similar to herself, Bonde and You Nam felt that they were almost complete opposites. Both of them feeling like their real selves were a lot more stable and ambitious than their characters in the drama.


What if a dead person read your message?

Since You Nam’s character in the drama is able to correctly predict when and how he was going to die, we asked them what superpowers they would like to possess. You Nam said he would like to acquire the power of foresight and have a look into his future married life while Bonde wanted to have the ability to teleport so she wouldn’t have to endure long flights overseas. Desmond, on the other hand wants animal abusers to disappear, wanting his superpower to benefit other living things rather than himself. While Ya Hui mentioned something similar of wanting all bad guys in the world to disappear, Bonde jokingly responded that Ya Hui herself would disappear as well.


Even though they’re shooting a horror-themed drama, they all admitted that they would never watch a horror movie again. Stating that previous horror movie experiences have scared them too much. While Ya Hui, Bonde, and You Nam have experienced shock from horror movies, what Desmond experienced was far more sinister. During his stay in Hong Kong, there was one particular night when he tried to turn off the television but he couldn’t. Worried that the television might still remain on even after turning the power switch off, he decided to enlist the help of the hotel technicians instead. That, he described was enough to creep him out, and was the only “supernatural” encounter throughout the filming period.

What if a dead person read your message?
(Photography by: Toggle, ViuTV)

So what really happens when a dead person reads your message? Stay tuned to Bluetick this September, to find out.


KAvenyou would like to extend our thanks to Toggle for the media invitation.


For more photos from the press conference, please visit KAvenyou’s Facebook page.


Bluetick (已读不回)

Bluetick is a 20 episode web series co-produced by Toggle and ViuTV. Based on Hong Kong author Ray Leung’s best-selling novel, Bluetick revolves around ten strangers who attend the funeral of their common friend. One of them decides to send a message to her deceased friend, only to receive a “blue tick”. As they dive deeper, the group of strangers become mired with a series of unfortunate happenings. Bluetick is slated for launch in September this year. It will be simulcast to audiences in Singapore and Hong Kong, via Toggle and ViuTV respectively.


Article by: Cass @ KAvenyou

Photography by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou

Synopsis by: Toggle

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