[Wanderlust Wednesday] 10 reasons to go to Seoul and watch oppa in his musical

The Goddess is Watching

Don’t try to hide it: during your next trip to Korea, you really want a chance to see your favorite idol. With the many musicals that have idols in their cast, it might just be the perfect opportunity for you! Here are our 10 reasons why you should see your favorite celebrities in their musical!

This article has been based on five musicals that KAvenyou’s staff has watched during a recent trip:
– In The Heights (Dongwoo & Sunggyu – INFINITE)
– The Brothers Were Brave (Donghyun – BOYFRIEND)
– Gorae Gorae (Changmin – 2AM)
– Cinderella (Yoseob – BEAST)
– The Goddess is Watching (Ryeowook – Super Junior)

1- They wear outfits you’d never see them in otherwise
K-Pop groups go for all type of concepts and fashions. However there are some things you’ll never see outside of a theater.

Like Donghyun dressed up as a baby, with a palmtree haircut and a pacifier in his mouth. Or Ryeowook wearing a flower crown.

It’s not only about funny outfits though. Yoseob wearing a prince’s suit is indeed very charming.

2- They either play a role that is so similar to their personality it’s scary…
Inspirits often consider Dongwoo as a never-ending supply of energy. During INFINITE concerts, he loves to dance around (during ments too) and play goofy. And when you see Usnavi (his role) try hard to get the girl, play around with his friends etc… Well you can’t help but think Usnavi is a role made for him. To the point you wonder if what you’re watching is Usnavi played by Dongwoo, or Dongwoo just being himself.

3- … Or play a role that makes you think “I’ll never see him like that again”
Lee Changmin is a talented singer, so his role as a rock band musician seems like it would fit our 2nd reason perfectly… But his cute, somehow childish role is far from the manly charms he usually shows.

And while Super Junior members are often positive and optimistic, Ryeowook plays a young man who saw the horrors of war and shuts himself out of reality to live in his own world and forget what’s going on.

4- They sing songs that are totally different from their usual concepts…
That is a given, but still needed to be said. Idol groups and singers sometimes face many difficulties when trying to diversify their music genres. INFINITE never went for Salsa. Sunggyu doesn’t often get rap parts in their songs. BEAST isn’t a group that released a lot of ballads.

And Super Junior often goes for light pop songs with energetic beats rather than heavy-themed songs. (Yes, Ryeowook sings a song that looks like it’s out of a children’s book in The Goddess is Watching, but it is still a musical dealing with a heavy topic)

If you’re dying to see an other aspect of your bias’ talent, just go to his/her musical.

The Brothers Were Brave
5- … And they sing much more than a few lines
One negative point in being a K-Pop idol is, you don’t always get to show your individual talent. Especially for those who haven’t had the opportunity to release any solo work yet.

In a musical, they sing full songs – many of them. And also have clear parts in duets. So go watch a musical and rediscover the strong voices of these idols. Like… Donghyun, where have you been hiding this voice?

6- They also have unexpected dances
Previously, we mentionned how handsome Yoseob is, dressed up as a prince.

Now, try to think about him dressed up as a prince AND dancing a waltz or a menuet.

Trust me you’ll wish Yoseob was the one taking you to the prom (or to any formal party if you’re too old for prom).

7- There’s a good chance your idol has at least one utterly cute scene
It’s not every day you see a girl reject Dongwoo, Yoseob puzzled at what to do with a shoe, Sunggyu struggling with Spanish words, Changmin whining to his hyungs, Ryeowook making flower arrangements…

And if you’re really lucky, that scene will include the lattest fashionable cute thing. Out of 5 musicals, two of them included dreams… dreams of ghosts, of course!

The Goddess Is Watching
8- You’ll love seeing your idol interracting with new people
At least 95% of the time, seeing your favorite idols live will include seeing them with their group. Don’t get us wrong, we just love seeing these groups on stage. However, it is also interesting to see them interact differently with other actors/singers. Including seeing them kiss their partner. Not something most of them would do with their groupmates.

9- Musical venues are usually pretty confidential
We’re not promising you a private concert. But most of the musical venues in Seoul are small enough – around 1000 seats or less. In a country where most K-Pop concerts are held in stadiums, it is also your chance to see your idol up-close (and with everyone seated, no risk that the tallest person in the room decides to stand right between you and the stage).

10 – Musicals are ALWAYS a good idea anyway
Songs, dances, acting, impressive set and costumes… You’ll find everything in a musical. There is a musical for each and every of you. Whether you like classical music, rock, hip-hop, pop… Whether you want to laugh, cry, be scared, party… There is always a musical that will fit your tastes.

Even without your idols in the cast, musicals are a must. Your idol is just the (handsome, adorable, talented) cherry on the top of the cake!

Article & photography by: Celine @ KAvenyou

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