Zhang Jie, Kay Tse, Kenji Wu and Jolin Tsai win top awards at 15th Global Chinese Music Awards, Alex To honoured for his contribution to the music industry

Top Five Most Popular Male Artistes Award – Victor Wong, Kenji Wu, Yen-j, Pakho Chau, Jason Zhang

Singapore – Organised by seven regional radio stations and hosted by MediaCorp radio station YES 933, the 15th Global Chinese Music Awards Ceremony was held on 6th November at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre to an audience of 5,000. Popular Taiwanese band Magic Power opened the night with a high-energy performance of their hit songs 《I Still Love You》/《我还是爱着你》and 《Fighting For Love》/《战神》.


Singers Zhang Jie and Kay Tse received Best Male and Female Artiste Awards respectively while Kenji Wu and Jolin Tsai were presented Most Popular Male and Female Artiste Awards. Hong Kong entertainer Alex To received the highest accolade of the night – the Honorary Award for his contribution to the Mandopop industry for the past 30 years.

Honorary Award – Alex To (杜德伟)

Alex To honoured at 15th Global Chinese Music Awards Ceremony
Honorary Award recipient Alex To launched his career after being crowned winner at the 4th annual New Talent Singing Awards in 1985. Since then, he released numerous best-selling albums that had stood the test of time. After receiving his award from MediaCorp Deputy CEO Mr Chang Long Jong, Alex performed a 7-minute medley of his top hits including crowd favourite 《Take Off》/《脱掉》.

Taiwanese singers Kenji Wu and Jolin Tsai proved to be most popular amongst fans and received the highest number of votes for the Most Popular Male and Female Artiste categories in a month-long online voting campaign. Kenji Wu was also the biggest winner from the Taiwan contingent with four awards, including Best Album Producer. Zhang Jie and Kay Tse received Best Male and Female Artiste Awards, as endorsed by the panel of regional judges. Kay performed her hit Cantonese single《Isolated Village》/《独家村》and latest Mandarin song 《Turn With Tears》/《跟着眼泪转弯》.

Most Popular Group Award – Da Mouth (大嘴巴)

Global Chinese Music Awards ambassadors Derrick Hoh and Kelly Poon paid homage to local musicians who have made a difference in the Mandopop industry through a specially curated medley of local songs such as Stefanie Sun’s 《Dark Skies》/《天黑黑》, Jacky Cheung’s 《She Came To Listen To My Concert》/《她来听的我的演唱会》, Tanya Chua’s 《Parabola》/《抛物线》and JJ Lin’s 《Practice Love》/《修炼爱情》.

Chairman of the 15th GCMA committee, Mr Cruz Teng said, “GCMA is the culmination of efforts by the seven partnering regional radio stations. The weekly chart shows and annual awards ceremony serve as a fantastic platform to promote Mandopop songs to more music fans. The industry is changing but good music should always be promoted and singers encouraged. May the movers and shakers of Mandopop continue the good fight!”

Over 20 groups of artistes from the region gathered in Singapore to grace the occasion. The full list of artistes and winners can be found in the appended annexes. The 15th Global Chinese Music Awards Ceremony will be broadcast on MediaCorp’s Channel U on 14 November 2015 at 7pm. Hong Kong will be the host city for the next edition.

Most Popular Male Artiste Award – Kenji Wu (吴克群)
Most Popular Female Artiste Award – Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)
Best Male Artiste Award – Jason Zhang (张杰)
Best Female Artiste Award – Kay Tse (谢安琪)
Honorary Award – Alex To (杜德伟)
Top Five Most Popular Male Artistes Award – Victor Wong, Kenji Wu, Yen-j, Pakho Chau, Jason Zhang
Top Five Most Popular Female Artistes Award – Kay Tse, Jolin Tsai, Jane Zhang, Pets Tseng, Stefanie Sun
Media Recommendation Award – Victor Wong (品冠)
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Beijing) – Reno Wang (王铮亮)
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Guangdong) – Dongshan Shaoye (东山少爷)
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Hong Kong) – Jay Fung (冯允谦)
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Shanghai) – Henry Huo (霍尊)
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Taiwan) – Magic Power (MP 魔幻力量)
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Malaysia) – Michael Wong (光良)
Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Singapore) – Olivia Ong
Best Male Stage Performer Award – Reno Wang (王铮亮)
Best Female Stage Performer Award – Shila Amzah
Most Popular Composing Artiste Award – Yen-j, Pakho Chau, Cheryl Lee, Danny One
Most Popular Group Award – Da Mouth (大嘴巴)
Most Popular Band Award – Magic Power (MP 魔幻力量)
Most Popular New Artiste Award – Eric Chou (周兴哲), Pets Tseng (曾沛慈)
Versatile Artiste Award – Henry Huo (霍尊)
Best Album Award  – 《Wake Up Dreaming》/ Jackie Cheung (张学友)
Best Album Producer Award – Kenji Wu (吴克群)/《On The Way To The Stars》
Best Lyricist Award – Wyman Wong (黄伟文)/《King of Comedy》
Best Composer Award – JJ Lin (林俊杰)/《If Only》
Best Arranger Award – Mickey Lin (林欣彦)/《Let Dat Gal Go》
Most Popular Duet Award – 《The Swallow Returns》/Jane Zhang (张靓颖), Jason Zhang (张杰)

Top Twenty Hits
《Listen》/Khalil Fong
《Here After》/Cheryl Lee
《Swordsman》/Jason Zhang
《Sandman》/Danny One
《Isolated Village》/Kay Tse
《Phony Queen》/Jolin Tsai
《King of Comedy》/Li Ronghao
《Freewill》/Pakho Chau
《What Kind of A Man》/Jay Chou
《If Only》/JJ Lin
《The Rest Of Time》/Jacky Cheung
《The Farthest Distance》/Reno Wang
《Let Dat Gal Go》/Da Mouth, Pauline Lan
《You Are My Jupiter》/Kenji Wu
《I Still Love You》/Magic Power
《Let’s Not Be Friends》/Eric Chou
《When You’re Leaving》/Anson Hu
《Just Lose It》/Pets Tseng
《Happiness Alone》/Victor Wong

Press Release by Mediacorp, Y.E.S 93.3.

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