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KAvenyou: Your Digital Media Partner

At KAvenyou, we utilise a multi-channel new media or digital media approach to enable our partners get maximum mileage out of your marketing dollar. Our team will conceptualize engaging content to be published through our website as sponsored posts and social media channels.

Channel 1: KAvenyou Website (Reach: 65-90 Thousand Sessions Monthly)


KAvenyou is one of S.E.A region’s most trusted entertainment and lifestyle portal. We started from humble beginnings as a focused Korean entertainment portal, and now transformed with much more than where we started. We enjoy creating engaging content with interesting angles that gets social media buzzing and people talking.

Below are some of our daily themed content, which garnered thousands of readers on the day of publishing alone.



work-with-us-kavenyou-readers-age-profile  work-with-us-kavenyou-readers-age-profile-percentage

Being an entertainment and lifestyle portal, our readers are all relatively young or young at heart. 61% being young adults and 27% being mid-career adults. The fact that we have a female dominated team also translated to KAvenyou attracting a majority of female readers of 80%.

KAvenyou’s target readers hail from the South East Asian region, with our main base in Singapore. 50% of our readers are from Singapore and 71% in the entire S.E.A region (9% Malaysia, 6% Indonesia), which is also one of the fastest growing region in the world.

Channel 2: Social Media (Reach: 4 Million+ Organic Monthly)



Our Facebook organic reach averages 97k+ a week, which translates to 380+ thousands a month. An engagement level of 5k+ a week with our followers is one of the highest compared to similar lifestyle portals in the region.

Our twitter generates ~1-2mil impressions a month, which translates to a reach of the same amount.

The demographics of followers on our Facebook and Twitter are largely similar to our website. We also have a decent Instagram and YouTube following and altogether, our social media channels has over 50k followers.

Our website and social media channels easily reach a minimum of ~1.6 MILLION readers every month.

Why work with us?

The million dollar question is of course why us? In this digital age, it is no longer about the form factor and the absolute numbers promised by traditional media platforms; but the ability to reach the target audience that will be interested in your offerings.

Our reach is respectable while we continue to grow, yet we charge a fraction of the price and create more engaging content. We take the best elements of blogging (personal/relatable) and journalism (professional, high quality) and apply these qualities to our writing. These are yet differences to the traditional bloggers or otherwise known as social influencers, who may or may not get the most positive of responses.

The best part? Unlike traditional media where the timeframe of your advertising is limited, these posts created by us last FOREVER on the internet.

There are no restrictions in terms of what you can do on the internet. If you are ready to embrace it, we are ready to support you in your campaign.

If you are interested to find out more, contact us NOW by dropping us a note at

Campaigns/Services Offered

  • Social Media Blasts/Shout-outs
  • Sponsored Editorial / Advertorial
  • Event Marketing Collaborations
  • Product/Service Marketing Collaborations
  • Sponsored Contests / Giveaways
  • On-site Banner Advertisements
  • Integrated Digital Marketing