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Wonderfuls marvels at Wonder Girls’ glamour at Wonder World Tour in Singapore



8 September 2012, Singapore – Wonder Girls kicked off their Wonder World Tour in Singapore on 8th September 2012, being the second stop right after their inaugural concert last month which took place in Seoul. The concert began with special guest performances by JJ Project, who performed “Bounce” and “Hooked”. The bubbly and adorable JB and JR greeted their fans and introduced themselves in English, which captivated the crowd.

The Wonder Girls appeared during their brief introduction stage and performed one of their latest hit, “Like This”. Decked in a colourful glittery ensemble, the girls performed “Nu Shoes”, “Sweet Dreams” and “The DJ Is Mine”, before greeting their fans with their fluent command of English. Hyelim added, “If you happen to see us on the street, come over and say hi!”

Wonder Girls then dedicated “Girls Girls” as a song for the girls, and “This Fool” as a song for the guys.


For the members’ solo stages, Yenny performed the song she sang for the soundtrack of drama Dream High 2, “Hello To Myself”, showcasing her strong vocals with ballad. Yubin performed the rock remix of “So Hot”, to which Yenny exclaimed after that “Yubin, you are the sexiest person in the world!”. Sunye performed her rendition of Miss A’s “Touch”, with the first part on the keyboards and continued with a dance. Hyelim showcased her rapping skills during her solo – “Act Cool” that also featured JJ Project. The close bond within JYP Nation can also be seen as fellow labelmates – Nichkhun, San-E, JJ Project and JYP himself were featured in Hyelim’s solo VCR.

At the end of the solo stages, the girls decided to get together for a “GNO (Girls Night Out)” with the fans.

Showing off the rocker deep down, the Wonder Girls performed a “Me In” and a rock remix of “2 Different Tears”, while holding white electric guitars.  The girls also showed their softer side in a series of ballad and R&B tunes with “Feeling Sorry, I Tried” and “Wishing On A Star”, “Long Long Time” and “Girlfriend”.

The Wonder Girls also had a special surprise prepared for their Singapore fans as they appeared on stage dressed in Singapore’s iconic costume – the sarong kebaya belting out tunes like “R.E.A.L” and “Be My Baby”, with a dance break in between the songs.


The Wonder Girls then performed their new English song, “Like Money” for the first time in their concert tour here in Singapore. The Wonder Girls ended the night with their all time hits, “Tell Me” and for the encore stage, “Nobody”, where the crowd stood up and sang along with them.

Before the concert came to an end, the Wonder Girls walked around the stage and thanked the fans. “Thank you for everything and caring about us. Thank you so much Singapore, thank you!” Yubin added, “You guys are so adorable, I love you all!” and Hyelim expressed her eagerness to return and perform again, “Oh my god, can’t believe we’re in Singapore! We can’t wait to come back again!”

We would like to thank Parallel Smart Media Alpha Entertainment and JYP Entertainment for the opportunity to cover Wonder World Tour in Singapore.

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Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photo Credits: Korean Tourism Organisation (Singapore)

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