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Wonder Girls made the entire crowd So Hot at The Wonder World Tour in Malaysia

Wonder Girls made the entire crowd So Hot at The Wonder World Tour in Malaysia

The Wonder Girls are back for their second concert, The Wonder World Tour in Malaysia!

The concert unfolded with ‘Like This’, followed by ‘Nu Shoes’, ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘The DJ is Mine’ to hype up the atmosphere! The girls opened the show with colourful and striking clothes to suit the fast-paced song. Their shoes were even glowing with neon lightings during ‘Nu Shoes’!

During the second segment, the girls grabbed their electric guitars and rocked the stage with ‘Me, In’ and ‘2 Different Tears’. Yenny and Yubin both also performed their solo. Yenny sang her self-composed song, ‘Hello to Myself’ beautifully with here stunning voice that is filled with emotions. While Yubin flaunts her sexy curves in her solo, the rock version of ‘So Hot’. Yubin also accidentally tripped during her solo, but thankfully she was not injured and was able to recover from the fall almost instantly!

The girls then had a small talk session with the fans, where they exhibited their fluency in English and also showed off a little bit of Malay. They expressed their excitement of being able to come back to Malaysia to meet the fans. While talking about the effort they’ve put in the preparation of this concert,  YeEun started complimenting Yubin with her solo stage and admitted that Yubin is the hottest person in the world; And Yubin replied saying YeEun has the most beautiful voice she has ever heard.  How sweet!

After that, Wonder Girls brought Wonderfuls down the memory lane, as they sang their older songs such as ‘Friend’. The girls also showed off their strong and flawless vocals through this breath-taking a cappella performance. But when ‘Girlfriend’ started, the girls immediately turned into sexy vixens and coupled up with male dancers, making the fans scream with jealousy.

Next, it was SunYe’s turn to perform her solo song, ‘Touch’. It was originally Miss A’s song but SunYe, with her sensual and powerful vocals, was able to turn the song into a unique version of her own. And lastly, maknae Hyerim took over the stage with her solo, Act Cool (feat. San-E). Revealing her mad rapping skills while the crowd chants along to the catchy chorus of the song.

The biggest surprise of the night was when the girls came out on stage all dressed up in baju kurungs (Malay traditional clothes) as they perform ‘R.E.A.L.’ and started giving away candies to the crowd! And they all looked super fabulous and adorable when they danced to the choreography of ‘Be My Baby’ in their colourful baju kurungs!

Shortly after that, the girls appeared again in hot pink blazers and performed party songs such as ‘G.N.O.’ and ‘Stop!’. The girls spiced up the whole venue during this segment with their dance moves. Sohee stole the spotlight and did a solo dance stage towards the end of ‘I Wanna’ while her members cheer her on! They even performed their latest US single, ‘Like Money’ in shiny futuristic outfits that wowed everyone!

The night came to an end with their ultimate hit song, ‘Tell Me’ plus an encore performance of ‘Nobody’. Before the lights go off, the girls once again showed their gratitude towards their fans, and YeEun shouted out “Aku rindu mu dan aku akan rindu mu!” (which meant “I miss you and I will miss you” in Malay). Then all of them held hands and gave the crowd a full 90 degrees bow as fans gathered around the stage to catch one last glimpse of the gorgeous girls.

All in all, it was an amazing concert, and one to remember! The Wonder Girls has once again proven their strength and talent in music, giving a near perfect performance that lived up to their reputation and popularity across the globe. We would definitely love to see Wonder Girls here in Malaysia again soon.

Song list

       Act 1

  1. Like This
  2. Nu shoes
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. The DJ is Mine
  5. Girls Girls
  6. This Fool

Act 2

  1. Hello to Myself (YeEun’s solo stage)
  2. Me, In
  3. 2 Different Tears (rock ver.)
  4. So Hot (rock ver.) (Yubin’s solo stage)

Act 3

  1. It’s Not love/ A Sorry Heart
  2. Friend
  3. Wishing on A Star
  4. Du Go Du Go
  5. Girlfriend
  6. Touch (SunYe’s solo stage)

Act 4

  1. Act Cool (Hyerim’s solo stage)
  2. R.E.A.L.
  3. Be My Baby

Act 5

  1. G.N.O.
  2. Stop!
  3. Bad Boy
  4. I Wanna
  5. Like Money
  6. Tell Me


  1. Nobody

KAvenyou would like to sincerely thank DAOL Entertainment for the invitation to cover The Wonder Girls Tour in Malaysia.

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Article by: Zoey @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Wenyi @ KAvenyou

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