[Wanderlust Wednesday] Your preferred “tour guide” to exploring Singapore, and more

8 April 2015, Singapore – Everyone loves a good deal when presented with one, and what more a good deal that also comes with one-stop services for almost all your needs while traveling. Best of all, we are not talking about some random deal sites; but travel services offered by Changi Recommends, a service retail launched by the world’s best airport “Changi Airport Singapore”.


From hotels, ground transport, mobile SIM cards, mobile WIFI router, and tickets to the top attractions in Singapore, just to name a few of the commonly used services while traveling. All these are available at the Changi Recommends counters conveniently located at the Arrival Halls of all three terminals.


The offerings are so comprehensive, I am going to bring you through a typical anecdotal journey and you will see what I meant. From pre-holiday planning, you can start booking your accommodations through their website. Being a social media junkie, you can also secure your Singapore WIFI router at the same site. Spend some time to browse through the site for attractions deals (most attraction tickets sold comes with a discount) as well. Once you arrive in Singapore, all you need is to head to a booth and collect all your pre-booked goodies. If you needed a transport to your hotel in town, lugging your luggage onto the MRT may not be the easiest option and a taxi not the cheapest; get yourself a ticket on the airport transfer service to major hotels in town.

T2 Main Arrival

At the end of your holiday in Singapore, if faced with a common problem of excess or bulky baggage, the Changi Recommends booth located at the Terminal 2 Departure Hall offers express courier services back to your country with DHL Service Point. There is also wrapping services to protect your bulky purchases and luggages from being damaged. If you are feeling for an adventure, just head to the Terminal 2 Departure counter and grab yourself a last minute flight booking to get out of the country?

T2_Departure_RightAngleWith the myriad of services offered, Changi Recommends has to be the best guide for your holiday to Singapore.


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